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😈Lobbing and Banging #pickleballhighlights #pickleball #sports #sporthighlights #shorts

Watch an intense double game of advanced pickleball. Pickleball game at ClearOne Sports Center – Orlando, Florida. * Get a perfect drill partner – Titan Ball Machine: Free shipping and a free machine cover for every customer order from the link: * Get 10% off the most durable OSO Fury pickleball with code “pirates” : * Get 10% off GRUVN RAW-16H with discount code “pirates” here: * Get 10% off Ben Johns’ latest Joola paddle: * Get 10% off any Diadem pickleball equipment, including the Diadem Warrior paddle using discount code PIRATES10. * Support our channel by purchasing merchandise: * Things to take to a pickleball tournament, visit our Amazon storefront: For recommended products Improve your game! This channel is dedicated to all the gold-digging Pickleballers who drink responsibly and stay out of the kitchen. We have all levels coming through the chain, but we focus on 4.0, 4.5 and up to 5.5 with the pros. I started this channel a little by chance, I recorded my games to study cinema and improve myself. I didn’t have the time or money to take lessons with a professional pickleball coach, so I started monitoring all my mistakes. The people I was playing with started asking if they could watch too and I said sure. It helped us all a lot to improve our game, our strategy, our mental strength and our techniques. We now post new pickleball videos several times a week. We occasionally have professional pickleball players on the channel. They are mainly non-professional pickleball players in their quest for pickleball 5.0. We have all levels coming through the chain, but we focus on pickleball 4.0, pickleball 4.5, and up to 5.5 pickleball with the pros. Facebook: Discord: #shorts #pickleball #pickleballdoubles #pickleballmensdoubles #pickleball45 #pickleball50

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