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108 rationing reports were issued during an inspection campaign in Minya centers

108 rationing reports were issued during an inspection campaign in Minya centers

108 rationing reports were issued during an inspection campaign

Zainab Tawfiq

Local units in Mallawi and Matai centers carried out massive inspection campaigns in municipal bakeries, markets and stores, in coordination with the Department of Supply, Supply Surveys and relevant authorities, to monitor the markets and ensure the implementation of bread deliveries. system and compliance with rationing decisions, which resulted in the issuance of 46 rationing reports to the Malwa Center, including 37 reports for the non-compliant bakeries. Under the Mallawi Center this varied between (don’t give bones – lack of weight – no). compliant with specifications – no advertising – lack of cleanliness), and writing of 9 reports during a campaign on the markets of the village of Darwa affiliated with the center to determine the degree of commitment of traders to prices in the stores and the involvement of slaughterhouse butchers in slaughterhouses. Reports vary between non-announcement of prices – absence of health certificate – slaughters outside slaughterhouses, in addition to 45 reports to the Mattai Center during various campaigns, where 31 rationing reports were issued for municipal bakeries in the village of. Burdnoha, which included (lack of weight – cleanliness – specifications – absence of announcement). – Good exchange), and 14 rationing reports were issued to the markets, ranging from (absence of health certificate – non-compliance with health requirements – sale). for a price higher than the prescribed price). In addition, 200 kilograms of unsuitable food were destroyed by the Food Inspection Department and legal action was taken against the violators.

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The local unit of the center and town of Dermwas also led a rationing campaign for municipal bakeries in the center district, which resulted in the issuance of 17 reports concerning the production of bread not conforming to specifications, the lack of cleanliness of the equipment used for the production of bread, the absence of scales and the absence of a cash register were taken against the offenders.

Major General Osama Al-Qadi, Governor of Minya, stressed the need for a presence on the ground to control markets and prices, stressing the importance of continuing to transport goods to markets, consumption complexes and food outlets at reduced prices of between 25 and 30%. in accordance with the directives of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, President of the Republic, with the aim of reducing the burden of life, on behalf of citizens within the framework of the “Price Reduction” initiative, under the supervision of Dr. Mostafa. Madbouly, Prime Minister, and with the continued monitoring of Major General Hisham Amna, Minister of Local Development.

The governor assured local units, in cooperation with the directorates of supply, health, veterinary medicine and all concerned parties, to intensify inspection campaigns in municipal bakeries, markets and stores commercial, in order to strengthen control over the goods and foodstuffs displayed and on the measurement of compliance with the rationing decisions issued and ensure the production of bread in compliance with the specifications in order to achieve the public interest. Guarantee the quality of food products presented to citizens and their suitability for consumption.

The governor announced the intensification of surveillance campaigns to ensure price stability and ensure periodic monitoring of strategic food products.

108 rationing reports were issued during an inspection campaign in Minya centers

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