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3 reasons that could push Barcelona to agree to sell Stegen to Al-Ittihad

Shoot – Al-Ittihad club has expressed its desire to sign German goalkeeper Andre ter Stegen, a Barcelona player, during the upcoming summer transfer window.

The brigadier has placed the German goalkeeper at the top of his priority list for upcoming summer contracts, in a bid to strengthen the team’s ranks.

Spanish newspaper ‘Mundo Deportivo’ reported that Barcelona will refuse to sell the German goalkeeper next summer due to their major dependence on him.

But the newspaper confirmed that a big offer could change Barcelona’s decision regarding Terstegen’s future and whether he remains with the team.

3 reasons that could push Barcelona to agree to sell Terstegen to Al-Ittihad

Given the current situation, we will see that there are 3 reasons which could push the Catalan club to sell their German goalkeeper.

Spanish report ‘Mundo Deportivo’ confirms that a big offer could change their decision on Andre Terstegen next summer.

The first reason will certainly be the enormous financial crisis that Barcelona has been going through in recent years, which is forcing them to sell their players.

Barcelona are suffering from a financial crisis which is preventing them from completing major deals, so if a big offer comes in for a player they might consider selling him.

This is the position reported by newspapers close to the club, whether regarding the future of Araujo or Frenkie de Jong.

This applies to Terstegen if a big offer arrives, which could help solve Barcelona’s economic crisis.

The second reason is also financial, it is the salary scale from which the Catalan club suffers, which prevents it from registering new players.

Andre Terstegen is one of the highest paid players in the Catalan team during the current period.

Agreeing to sell the German goalkeeper and replacing him with a lower-paid goalkeeper could free up a lot of space in the Catalan team’s salary scale.

This makes it a “killing two birds with one stone” solution, providing financial liquidity to close deals and space on the salary scale.

The third reason is technical, it is the significant drop in Terstegen’s level over the last two seasons and his inability to play a decisive role within the team.

With his level falling, it will not be convincing to give him this big salary to keep him and take up an important offer presented to him.

Therefore, Barcelona could consider selling him and replacing him with a younger goalkeeper who will have development space that he can benefit from in the future.

From the above, Barcelona may have to agree to sell Stegen to the Union, but on the condition that a significant offer comes to them.

Here, the challenge for the Dean will be to convince Stegen himself to agree to join the Roshen League next summer.

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3 reasons that could push Barcelona to agree to sell Stegen to Al-Ittihad

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