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6 clubs risk relegation… Al-Hilal threatens two teams, and a point saves Al-Raed and Al-Wahda from the fate of Al-Hazm

Shoot – Al-Hilal, Al-Nasr and Al-Ahly are preparing to play a role in shaping the characteristics of clubs that guarantee their survival in the Saudi Roshen League.

Two rounds from the end of the season, there are still 6 clubs – in number – threatened with relegation.

To the Yellow League for the first division, in positions (12-17), so the conflict revolved around the facilities of Al-Hazm, officially relegated to the first division,

After occupying 18th and last place, with 21 points.

The fight for survival… the secret is in the crescent and the victory!

The clubs still in the danger zone, with two rounds remaining in the season, are:

Twelfth: Al-Raed (35 points)

Thirteenth: Unit (35 points)

Fourteenth: Al-Taei (31 points)

Fifteenth: Riyadh (31 points)

Sixteenth: Groove (29 points)

Seventeenth: Abha (29 points)

The holders of the last three positions (16-17-18) should be relegated to the Yellow League for the first division.

Survival Team Meetings

We review for you the matches of the teams vying for survival in the last two rounds, scheduled for May 23 and 27.

– Al-Raed: Al-Ahly, then Damak.

– Unit: groove, then crescent.

– Al-Ta’i: the crescent, then the furrow.

– Riyadh: Al-Nasr, then the Gulf.

– The groove: unity, then ta’i.

– Abha: The Gulf, then Al-Hazm.

Chances of survival and advantage in direct confrontations

According to the competition regulations, if two teams are tied on points, the preference for direct confrontations will be taken into account.

Then the number of goals scored during the confrontations between the two teams.

Al-Raed and Al-Wahda now need a point from the next two matches, in order to officially ensure their survival in the Saudi Roshan League.

Taking into account the difference between direct confrontations, according to the results of the first and second round matches, Al-Raed is superior to Al-Wahda, Al-Riyad and Al-Akhdood.

Al-Wahda also outperforms Riyadh, Al-Ta’i and Abha, while Al-Ta’i outperforms Al-Raed and Riyadh, while Abha outperforms Al-Ta’i.

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6 clubs risk relegation... Al-Hilal threatens two teams, and a point saves Al-Raed and Al-Wahda from the fate of Al-Hazm

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