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64 kilos of unfit meat were seized from a famous butcher’s shop and a quantity of spoiled food was destroyed during a massive campaign in Mahalla.

Dr. Tariq Rahmi, Governor of Gharbia, confirmed the continuation and intensification of surveillance campaigns in markets, points of sale, restaurants, butchers, bakeries, commercial chains, hypermarkets, live tourist bakeries and restaurants that serve popular foods such as fava and falafel sandwiches and all food establishments in the markets to secure all food items offered and ensure their safety. To protect citizens from spoiled food.

This happened as part of monitoring the results of the large-scale campaign carried out by the Supreme Committee for Market Control, formed by the decision of the governor, with the directors of the health, supply departments as members and procurement surveys. , Veterinary Medicine and Food Safety, in Al-Taraa Street, Ezbet Mahalla al-Kubra, Al-Shoun Square, Al-Shashtawi, Abu Al-Nour Street and the area of ​​​​a second district, to be monitored. and inspect markets, bakeries, restaurants, hypermarkets, butchers and fishmongers, monitor the prices of goods and foodstuffs, ensure their availability in sufficient quantities and their suitability for consumption, and take legal measures against any attempt to monopolize goods or increase their prices.

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During the campaign, various authorities seized 64 kilograms of meat unfit for human consumption from a famous butcher’s shop, destroyed 13 kilograms (750 grams) of rotten meat and meat products, seized a package of enriched bread flour from a bakery tourism and issued 66 reports.

The Directorate of Veterinary Medicine, led by Dr. Adel Abdel Aziz, Director of the Directorate, seized 56 kilos of bone-in beef slaughtered outside the slaughterhouse and suspected of being fit for human consumption in a famous butcher’s shop on Al-Taraa Street in Mahalla Also, 8 kilos of minced meat were seized in a Balshun restaurant, suspected of being suitable for human consumption and without information.

The Gharbia Health Directorate issued 26 reports, including 14 reports for violation of article 96 for non-compliance with health requirements, and 12 reports for violation of article 97 for failure to carry a health certificate. The Veterinary Administration, in cooperation with the Department of Health, selected seven and declared them. a quarter kilogram of ground hawwashi, two kilograms of liver and two kilograms and eight hundred grams of sausage, and one kilogram and eight hundred grams unfit for human consumption, with a total of thirteen kilograms and seven hundred and fifty grams.

The Supply Directorate also issued 5 reports of non-announcement of prices and seized a packet of subsidized bread flour from a tourist bakery. The Food Safety Authority also destroyed 2 kilograms of cheese as well as ten bags of spices, and 34 reports were issued.

Gharbia Governorate calls on citizens to report any violations related to food products or tourist bread in terms of quality and relevance, or exaggeration of prices or non-publication in bakeries, restaurants, popular restaurants, hypermarkets, butchers and fishmongers, or attempts by traders to monopolize goods or report warehouses in which goods are stored for long periods with the aim of dehydrating the markets, through the “Al-Gharbiyyah Change for You” on the WhatsApp service on the numbers (01550502836, 01550502837, and 01550502834) or via the governorate operations room 0403341233.

64 kilos of unfit meat were seized from a famous butcher's shop and a quantity of spoiled food was destroyed during a massive campaign in Mahalla.
Director of the Directorate of Veterinary Medicine during the campaign

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