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"A candidate for the Olympics and a celebration that led to his expulsion. Iraq's top scorer is a candidate for the Qatari League." 2024 - drweud
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“A candidate for the Olympics and a celebration that led to his expulsion. Iraq’s top scorer is a candidate for the Qatari League.”

Shoot – Ayman Hussein, the striker of Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya and the Iraqi national team, became a candidate for his third experience in the Qatari League.

Ayman Hussein (28), the top scorer of the Iraqi national team, is one of three major candidates to join the Olympic team.

At the Olympic Games (Paris 2024), which will see the participation of the Lions of Mesopotamia for the sixth time in their history.

Top Iraqi scorer moves closer to Qatar League

Qatari channels Al-Kass have reported that Iraqi Ayman Hussein is set to join Al-Khor during the summer transfer period.

Hussein caused great controversy while participating with the Iraqi national team in the Asian Cup (Qatar 2024).

He performed remarkably well and scored 6 goals in the tournament, ranking second on the scorers list, behind Qatari Akram Afif, who scored 8 goals.

However, his most notable moment came in the round of 16, during the Iraq-Jordan match, where the player was surprised to receive a red card in the 77th minute.

He received a second warning after celebrating Iraq’s second goal, which was interpreted as mocking the opponent’s celebration.

In the match which ended with an epic victory for Jordan with a score of (3-2).

Ayman Hussein is the top scorer in the Iraqi Stars League, with Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya, as he has scored 23 goals, including 8 goals from penalties.

The Iraqi striker has already played in the Qatari League, with the Umm Salal and Al Markhiya teams.

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