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A productive understanding between Iran and Arab countries… This is how concerns are allayed 2024 - drweud
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A productive understanding between Iran and Arab countries… This is how concerns are allayed

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But the mutual Arab-Iranian opening did not start here. The story began when, in recent years, the United Arab Emirates strengthened its communication with Iran, politically, security and economically, to impose stability in the region, while the volume of trade between the two countries exceeded 25 billion dollars per year. the United Arab Emirates comes second after China in trade operations with the Islamic Republic of Iran. The UAE also refused to use its territory militarily to target Iran or its allies in the region, helping to allay Iranian concerns about two fundamental issues: the Gulf-America alliance and the normalization project. Gulf-Israel.

According to information, the Iranian-Arab lines of communication now pass through: Iran-Saudi Arabia, Iran-Jordan and Iran-Egypt, which followed in the footsteps of the Emirates, in addition to the strategic role of the Sultanate of Oman in mediation between the Iranians and the Americans, to resolve the outstanding crises in several directions, while Qatar is classified among Iran’s allies.

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Communication between Iranians and Arabs appears open, due to their desire to impose regional stability and avoid getting drawn into conflicts from which no one benefits. But communication is not limited to their political leaders, nor to security coordination or economic cooperation, it rather extends to the elites, thinkers and researchers, Arabs and Iranians, who met a few days ago to discuss issues of political disparity and raise them. mutual Iranian and Arab concerns: what are the limits of Iranian influence on… the territory? There is understandable fear among Arabs over the expansion of Iranian influence. On the other hand, what is the path forward for normalization between the Gulf and Israel? Will it be at the expense of Damascus?

It appears that Tehran’s compromising actions have begun to reassure worried Arabs, while Arab performance in terms of openness to Tehran and refusal to undermine regional stability constitutes a reassuring factor for the Iranian Republic.

The discussion revolves around fundamental regional questions: the political and economic future of Syria, where is Yemen going? The repercussions of the war in Gaza and the future of the Palestinian state, the nuclear issue in the region and the means of achieving cooperation on this subject between the Iranians and the Saudis in particular, and economic cooperation between the Iran and the Arab countries. These are all interesting titles worth tracking down.

Final or written agreements have not yet been reached, but everything indicates that the agreement will be productive and fruitful, and that the price will be paid positively by the region. Note that the war in Gaza continues to disrupt the broad avenues of solutions proposed, while the Palestinian question is fundamental, at a time when the Americans are pushing for the normalization of relations between the Arabs and Israel. However, what is delaying or obstructing the plans for a solution is Tel Aviv, which is trying to prevent understanding between the Arabs and Iran, by continuing the war in Gaza and raising the level of rhetoric, in a way that suggests Israel is a key player in the conflict. the course of the American elections as well, and Washington therefore does not have a decisive decision before the arrival of a new administration in the White House. While the Arab-Iranian dialogue will progress and its benefits will spread in all regional directions.

*Abbas Daher – Al Nashra

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