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Accreditation and monitoring: a training program on IT management standards at Mokattam Hospital

Accreditation and monitoring: a training program on IT management standards at Mokattam Hospital

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Dr Ahmed Taha, Chairman of the General Health Accreditation and Control Authority, confirmed that applications of artificial intelligence and data analytics in healthcare to support decision-making strategy became a global trend, emphasizing that the directives of his Excellency President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi and the vision of the New Republic in the health sector were based on the collection of huge data and its placement in systems of Egyptian cloud computing and their analysis to control the health system and help make decisions capable of improvement. the level of quality, effectiveness and efficiency of healthcare in Egypt.

He explained that relying on information technology to implement comprehensive health insurance is one of the most important challenges of the system, which the state and political will were able to overcome by starting to establish a solid technological infrastructure and preparing qualified human cadres to use it. in addition to having published GAHAR, a guide to hospital accreditation standards, which received accreditation from ESCWA International, which includes standards for information technology management, highlighting the importance of the role of medical record of each patient, which includes all patient data, and its role in improving communication and information exchange between healthcare providers, as well as improving diagnostic processes and treatment in order to reduce medical errors and provide tailored healthcare to each patient based on comprehensive data analysis.

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The General Health Accreditation and Supervision Authority, in cooperation with the General Health Insurance Authority, headed by Dr. Muhammad Dahi, and the pharmaceutical company Roche, organized a training program on management standards of information technologies under the slogan “Correcting data… a sound decision” to introduce accreditation standards for information management in health establishments in a way to help… Support the taking of information wise decision in health matters as part of the hospitals’ action plan for obtaining GAHAR accreditation, with the participation of 20 trainees from the health sector. service providers of Nasr City Oncology Center and Capital Hospital affiliated to the General Health Insurance Authority.

During the training, Dr. Nancy Abdel Aziz reviewed the national health care quality standards issued by the General Health Accreditation and Control Authority, and the applied aspects of healthcare management standards. Information and data were discussed, highlighting the importance of data and information in the application. quality management systems in the health sector.

Participants participated in a workshop during which training was provided on how to develop a data and information exchange plan, choose and evaluate information management systems in establishments health care, as well as different ways to protect the confidentiality and security of patient information while maintaining the availability of sufficient data. information about him to his healthcare team and to support the services provided to him.

The training also covered medical coding systems and their importance in the health insurance system for the funder, provider and beneficiaries of services.

Participating in the training program, which took place at the headquarters of the Health Insurance Training Center at Mokattam Hospital, was Dr. Nancy Abdel Aziz, Acting Executive Director of the General Authority of Accreditation and Health Control, Dr. Rasha Salem, Director of the Authority’s Development and Business Development Department, and Dr. Shaima Abdel Fattah, Director of General Administration. For the training of other members of the Authority, the training team of the Health Insurance Authority is under the supervision of Dr. Faten Amara, Director of the Authority. from the Training Department, Dr. Hossam Hadhoud, Director of Government Affairs, and Dr. Mohieddin Al-Halabi, Director of Health Data at Roche Pharmaceutical Company.

Accreditation and monitoring: a training program on IT management standards at Mokattam Hospital

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