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“Accreditation and Surveillance” Manager: Registration of 42,000 members of the medical professions and training of 7,148 people in quality standards.

“Accreditation and Surveillance” Manager: Registration of 42,000 members of the medical professions and training of 7,148 people in quality standards.

Dr. Ahmed Taha, president of the General Authority for Accreditation and Health Control, confirmed that the absence of a quality culture, the fragmentation of the health system between several sectors, in addition to the lack of awareness of importance of the role of basic health centers and units, constitute the most important challenges facing the implementation of the first phase of comprehensive health insurance, indicating that President Director Abdel Fattah El-Sissi calls on all organizations and institutions responsible for this important national project to do everything possible to continue to complete the system despite all the major global challenges that its implementation has faced during the initial stages of this implementation.

The head of the Health Accreditation and Monitoring Authority added that the crisis of the Covid-19 epidemic, which lasted for two consecutive years and before which many health systems around the world collapsed, was at the peak of these challenges. the global economic crisis caused by the Russo-Ukrainian War, which directly affected medical supply chains. In addition, the Egyptian health system has faced the notable increase in the number of arrivals in Egypt of fellow citizens from neighboring countries who have suffered and are still suffering. scourges of the devastating wars of recent years.

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Dr. Ahmed Taha pointed out that the conference “The first phase of implementation of comprehensive health insurance: achievements made and lessons learned”, held yesterday, aims to benefit from the implementation experience in governorates of the first phase and analyze the results. carried out in the field and the challenges encountered during this phase, with a view to starting the process. Prepare appropriately and leverage all available capacities for the effective implementation of the second phase.

He added that joint action and coordination with the three bodies of the comprehensive health insurance system: the General Health Authority, the General Comprehensive Health Insurance Authority, as well as the Accreditation and Certification Authority health monitoring, as well as coordination with success partners from all sectors of health service providers, led by the Ministries of Health, Population and Education. Higher education, scientific research, social solidarity, as well as the state’s efforts to integrate the private sector into the system and implement presidential initiatives. contributed to assimilating the results of the first phase experience.

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Stressing that one of the most important challenges facing the implementation of the comprehensive health insurance system is the shortage of medical personnel, including doctors, nurses and technicians trained to implement quality, indicating that the Authority was keen to address it through more than one axis, the most important of which is the continuous rehabilitation and training of facilities to apply these standards, in addition to close cooperation with the Supreme Council of Universities to implement specialized programs and certificates in the field of quality, in addition to the launch of the GAHAR EGYCAP certificate. and signing of cooperation protocols with 10 Egyptian universities.

The head of the General Health Accreditation and Supervision Authority indicated that the registration of members of medical professions is being coordinated with the Egyptian Health Council, stressing that 42,000 members of medical professions have been registered so far with the authority, in addition to training 7,148 trainees in the application of quality standards.

He added: “One of the most important mechanisms for the successful implementation of the comprehensive health insurance system is the completion of the automation of the medical record of each citizen, in cooperation between the General Authority comprehensive health insurance system and the General Health Care Authority, which allows effective communication between all components of the system, starting with the referral system from basic care centers to higher levels of care to support the provision of necessary health services to citizens with the highest level of quality.

Announcing the accreditation of 360 establishments, including 37 establishments in Greater Cairo, 14 establishments in Giza and 3 establishments in Qalyubiya, noting that there are 86 accredited establishments belonging to the private sector and 16 establishments affiliated to the Ministry of Health and of the Population, welcoming the close cooperation with the General Health Care Authority and the success of 360 health facilities in obtaining… It obtained accreditation according to GAHAR standards by carrying out 963 health visits ‘assessment.

He added that as part of the role of the General Health Accreditation and Supervision Authority in spreading the culture of quality within the Egyptian health sector, Jahar implemented 1,012 programs of technical support, including 264 remote technical support programs and 748 field visits in 23 governorates, indicating that health facilities held the largest share. The number of private sector technical support programs reached 448 establishments, in addition to 123 medical establishments affiliated with the Ministry of Health and Population, and 73 affiliated with the Health Care Authority.

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