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After an attack that left 12 martyrs, the occupying army withdraws from the city of Jenin and its camp

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Media sources said: The occupation completely withdrew from the city of Jenin and its camp at dawn today, following a military operation it began last Tuesday morning.

Eyewitnesses said: Hundreds of people began returning to the camp and inspecting their homes and properties.

The occupying forces launched a massive aggression against the city and the Jenin camp since Tuesday morning, which lasted around 40 hours, and withdrew today at dawn.

The city and its camp have witnessed widespread raids on citizens’ homes, campaigns of arrests, on-the-ground interrogations and widespread attacks. This resulted in the death of 12 citizens, including 4 children, while 25 others suffered various injuries, including 4 whose injuries were described as serious.

The occupying forces destroyed the camp’s infrastructure, many houses and stores, and carried out massive raids.

This morning, the young Mustafa Jabarin from the Jenin camp was martyred this Thursday morning, following his gunshot wounds by the Zionist occupation during its attack on Jenin and its camp.

The director of Al-Razi Hospital, Fawaz Hammad, announced yesterday the death of Mustafa Ibrahim Musa Jabareen (30) from his injuries caused by occupation bullets.

With the martyrdom of young Jabarin, the death toll in the city of Jenin and its camp since the beginning of the occupation aggression last Tuesday morning stands at 12 martyrs, including four children, a teacher and a doctor.

During their incursion, the occupying forces encountered fierce resistance from the Al-Qassam Brigades, the Al-Quds Brigades and the Al-Aqsa Brigades, where clashes broke out and explosive devices were detonated in the vehicles.

The Palestinian resistance, with its different factions, faced the invasion of the occupier and continued its battle to defend Jenin, its camp and its population. It detonated a number of explosive devices on occupation vehicles and clashed with them in violent clashes on several fronts. .

The Al-Qassam Brigades in Jenin confirmed that their mujahideen are confronting the occupying forces and their vehicles who have been storming the town and camp since Tuesday morning.

She added: “We, along with our brothers from other factions, are engaged in violent clashes with the occupying forces, including targeting enemy vehicles with explosive devices in various areas of Jenin city and camp. »

The Al-Qassam Brigades in the town of Arraba also confirmed their participation in the battle to defend Jenin and added: “We confirm our targeting of the occupying forces in the town of Jenin in support of our mujahideen brothers. »

After the withdrawal of the occupying forces from the city of Jenin and its camp, the cameras of activists and journalists filmed the remains of vehicles of the occupying army which were targeted by explosive devices in several areas.

In the city of Jenin alone, resistance fighters detonated at least 10 explosive devices and damaged 3 military vehicles during clashes in the city. Resistance fighters also detonated 10 explosive devices and damaged a military vehicle during clashes in the Jenin camp.

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