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After it hits 44 tomorrow… ‘Meteorology’ reveals date of temperature drop

When do temperatures drop?Tomorrow Monday, the country will be exposed to… weather report It is very hot during the day in most areas, with Greater Cairo recording 41 degrees, while the temperature in Luxor and Aswan reaches 44 degrees.

The General Authority of Meteorology said the intense heatwave would continue in Egypt, warning against direct exposure to the sun’s rays as the feeling of rising temperatures increases.

When the heatwave breaks

For his part, Dr. Manar Ghanem, member of the media center of the General Meteorological Authority, revealed the end date of the heatwave to which the country has been exposed since the beginning of this week.

After it hits 44 tomorrow... 'Meteorology' reveals date of temperature drop
High temperatures

Manar Ghanem said the heat wave is expected to dissipate from next week, pointing out that temperatures will start to drop from next Friday, May 24, when temperatures in Cairo will drop to 35 degrees, and Saturday will be the start of an improvement in conditions. . Air.

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Weather for the next few days

In the coming days, the country will experience wind activity in the regions of Greater Cairo, South Sinai, North Upper Egypt and New Valley Governorate.

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