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After Raisi’s departure, will we see a change in Iranian foreign policy?

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The most bizarre delusions of the Western and Arab media affiliated with it are embodied in their hollow analyzes of the absence of Raisi and Amir Abdullahian, and the impact of this absence on Iran’s foreign policy, and on the fact that Tehran has changed its position in favor of Iran. the Palestinian cause, as well as the position on America and the rest of the other issues, such as the nuclear issue.

It is clear that the main purpose of all this nonsense is to question Iran’s principled positions on the Palestinian issue, to reject American hegemony and to show Iran that it was killed because of the incident and that he has become weak to the point of being able to give his principles regarding sensitive foreign issues, in order to overcome… This is a difficult circumstance.

They did not understand that, whatever the size of the void left by the two martyrs Raisi and Amir Abdollahian, the Iranian constitution is sufficient to fill this void. There is a first vice-president who will be responsible for managing the affairs of the country with him. like the martyr Raisi, and Mr. Muhammad Baqir Kani was also appointed Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs, within 50 days, after which presidential elections will take place during which the Iranian people will choose a new president for Iran, which includes men like the martyrs Raisi and Amir Abdollahian.

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First, second, we address people who are ignorant of the nature of the Islamic regime in Iran, as well as those who are biased and hateful, and we say: Iran is a state of institutions and has never been a State of individuals. In the formulation of its global and foreign policy, it relies on the decision-making centers, first and foremost the governing institution and the person of the Jurist Guardian, as well as the Supreme National Security Council, the Discernment Council of the ‘opportunity. Islamic Shura Council. Therefore, there will not be the slightest change on important international and strategic issues, such as support for the Palestinian cause, the position on American policy and the nuclear issue, and support for the resistance in the region, because these questions do not depend on the vision of the President of the Republic.

As a simple practical example, Iran’s foreign policy is a constant, continuous and accumulated policy. Over several decades, fundamentalist and reformist figures have reached the presidency of the republic. However, these presidents followed a unified approach to supporting the Palestinian cause. The occupation is not the result of a single Iranian president, but rather a group of presidents. The process of supporting the resistance took time, until the Palestinian resistance resisted. this legendary firmness in Gaza, while the Israeli entity, America and the West are still incapable of bringing the resistance in Gaza to its knees.

As different as the vision of Iranian presidents is on some internal issues, such as economic and social issues, their vision of the Palestinian question is the vision of one who implements a fixed strategy adopted by the Islamic Republic as a fixed principle to from which it cannot deviate. It has paid and is still paying heavy prices because of this principle, including the price of the unjust blockade imposed on the Iranian people for decades under various pretexts.

Over the past four decades, the Islamic Republic of Iran has faced enormous challenges, such as the war imposed on it by the Saddam regime with American and Western support, and the assassination of the President of the Republic , Muhammad Ali Rajai, from the Prime Minister. , Muhammad Javad Bahanar, the head of the judiciary, Muhammad Hosseini Beheshti, and many religious figures, ministers and representatives. He surpassed them all without abandoning his principles, the accuracy and effectiveness of which experiments have proven.

It is certain that the current Iranian government, led by Acting President Mokhber and Acting Foreign Minister Kani, as well as the government that will come after the elections, will pursue the same approach as Raisi and Amir Abdullahian, at the level of foreign policy, where institutional decisions will be pursued, such as the development of Iran’s regional and international relations, based on two principles: the first is “Looking East” and “Neighbors First”, with the aim to strengthen economic relations with neighboring countries, as well as with Russia and Iran. China.

Finally, the reception of the Guide of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei, with Mr. Ismail Haniyeh, head of the political bureau of the Hamas movement, on the very day of the funeral of the martyr Raisi, was remarkable, and his declarations of Eminence were also notable when he assured Mr. Haniyeh: “M. is an informer, who is responsible for… “The executive affairs of the country, in accordance with the constitution, will pursue the policies and directions of fire. president towards Palestine with the same motivation and the same spirit. »

*Ahmed Mohamed

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