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After the publication of “La Semaine”… Education opens an investigation into an incident of massive fraud in one of the preparatory committees for certificates in the Orientale Province

The Ministry of Education, Education and Technical Education has ordered the Director of the Education Directorate of Al-Sharqiya Governorate to open an investigation into the widespread images of massive cheating allegedly related to the preparatory certificate examinations in Al-Sharqiya, ordering the need to hold those who demonstrate negligence accountable.

The ministry added that Dr. Reda Hegazy, Minister of Education, stressed the need to discipline the examination process and not spoil the scene in this year’s final exams, indicating that no violators will escape punishment.

Al-Osboa previously published details of the massive cheating incident during middle school exams in the Eastern Province, and published photos revealing massive cheating in the middle school exam board as students took exams. students crowded into a classmate’s seat and the committee observer sat next to them.

Massive cheating took place in a committee at Saft al-Hanna Preparatory School, affiliated with the Abu Hammad Educational Administration in Sharqia, while observers were busy with their cell phones and one of them left the committee.

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Engineer Ali Abdel Raouf, undersecretary of the Ministry of Education in Sharkia governorate, explained that an urgent investigation had been opened into the incident of massive cheating within the preparatory certificate examination committee of the Saft al-Hanna school, affiliated with the Abu Hammad educational administration.

The undersecretary added in a statement to Al-Osboa: The incident occurred while the students were taking the engineering exam yesterday, Tuesday, and the head of the school committee was referred for investigation and three observers of the committee involved in the incident have been referred for investigation. investigation before court cases.

In turn, the Directorate of Education of the Eastern Province clarified that the observers’ mission had been canceled and that the head of the committee had been referred for investigation, emphasizing to what extent the responses of the students of the committee were consistent and if there was a case of collective cheating which will be investigated and reviewed.

After the publication of
Massive fraud in the Eastern Committees

An incident of massive fraud in Sharkia governorate

Yesterday, Tuesday, a number of social media pioneers circulated photos of cases of massive cheating in one of the preparatory certificate examination committees in Sharkia Governorate, showing a crowd of students sitting instead from a colleague and collectively answering questions while the committee observer sat nearby. to them satisfied, without worrying about the question.

After the publication of
Massive fraud in the Eastern Committees

A state of dissatisfaction has reigned among a number of parents due to the images of massive cheating broadcast on social media, demanding that the chairman of the committee and the observers involved be quickly held accountable for the massive cheating that occurred in order to preserve the standard exceptional and diligent students.

After the publication of
Massive fraud in the Eastern Committees

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