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After winning the Confederation, Zamalek receives 3 consecutive blows

Shoot – Egyptian club Zamalek received 3 consecutive shots a few hours after winning the African Confederation title at the expense of Moroccan RS Berkane.

The White Knight won the Confederation title after winning the second leg against RS Berkane with a clear goal.

The White Knight benefited from the away goals rule, having lost the first leg in Morocco by two goals to one.

But the joy of the white supporters was not complete, after receiving a lot of bad news in the hours following the Confederation final.

Zamalek receives 3 consecutive blows

The first shock came after FIFA’s decision to suspend registrations for the next 3 periods, made this Monday morning.

This decision comes in the case of late payments to Portuguese Rui Aguas, assistant to former Zamalek coach Josevaldo Ferreira.

As a result, Château Blanc was sanctioned in two cases by suspending registration for 3 periods in each of them, which are Khaled Boutayeb’s contribution and Agwash’s contribution.

CAF condemns events at Confederation Cup final

After that, the second shock came from the Confederation of African Football (CAF), which condemned the organization of the final against RS Berkane at the Cairo stadium.

After the final whistle, there was obvious organizational chaos on the pitch, and the Egyptian Zamalek administration was responsible for it.

There were fans on the field and the organization became very bad, which affected the award ceremony, the medal and the cup.

As a result, the Confederation of African Football issued an official statement condemning the unacceptable actions that occurred at the Cairo International Stadium.

“The Confederation of African Football (CAF) strongly condemns the security violations and unacceptable behavior of supporters.

During and after the return match of the African Confederation Cup final between the Egyptian club Zamalek and the Moroccan club RS Berkane, which took place in Cairo,

The Confederation of African Football has decided to contact the competent authorities and the competent CAF committees.

There will be an investigation and necessary disciplinary measures will be taken regarding what happened and the behavior of Club Zamalek, its players, officials and any other parties during and after the match.

Finally, the third shock came after the revelation of the extent of the injury to Ahmed Hamdi, the White Knight player and author of the winning goal.

According to press reports, the Confederation goalkeeper’s x-ray confirmed that he was suffering from a suspected torn cruciate ligament.

The White Knight will therefore lose its new player until the end of the current season at least, with the start of next season.

Thus, Zamalek received 3 strong and consecutive blows after winning the African Confederation title.

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After winning the Confederation, Zamalek receives 3 consecutive blows

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