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Aïcha ben Ahmed reveals to Mona El Shazly the reason for her reluctance to marry

Aisha bin Ahmed.. Artist Aisha bin Ahmed dominated the trend after her appearance with Mona Al-Shazly on her show “With You, Mona Al-Shazly”, on ON channel. Aisha bin Ahmed has revealed many secrets about her emotional life. and Aisha ben Ahmed outlined the reasons for her lack of engagement so far.

Aisha bin Ahmed’s most notable statements with Mona Al-Shazly

Artist Aisha Bin Ahmed spoke about her life since arriving in Egypt 10 years ago and how she spent those 10 years without creating a social life in Egypt, as she chose to limit her life between work and work. and her house, and this is the reason why she entered a state of depression after finishing filming the series “Without Warning”, she commented: “I felt like my life was happening and I didn’t like it at all. .”

Aisha bin Ahmed announced that the series “Without Warning” was a turning point in her life: “I don’t know what happened to me after filming Without Warning. I decided I wanted to live and get out and see people. day of Eid, whoever tells me to go out, I say: let’s go.”

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Aisha expressed how happy she is with her new life: “I am very happy now. After 10 years, I was stuck with myself. I spent 80% of my life working. I informed my mother that I would not be returning after filming. go out every day. »

Aïcha ben Ahmed reveals to Mona El Shazly the reason for her reluctance to marry
Aisha ben Ahmed

Reasons for rejection of relationship by Aisha bin Ahmed

The artist, Aisha Bin Ahmed, explained the reason why she has not formed any romantic relationships, saying: “I run away for fear of being hurt, or something or disappointment happening to me, or let him hurt me. I don’t want any luck at all for the person in front of me…and I’ve already doomed many relationships to failure.

She talks about the reason why she moves away from any romantic relationship: to protect herself and for fear of being hurt: “I walk to protect myself before a disaster happens… I don’t want to get tired. .. As soon as I feel that the world is not okay or that it will be painful, I walk… I am very afraid for myself and my feelings. » “But in my normal life, I am courageous. »

Aisha ben Ahmed continued her speech, describing herself as a cowardly woman, and she found no one to trust her and encourage her to enter into a romantic relationship: “I am a cowardly woman and I fear for myself more as necessary. Until now, I haven’t met anyone who can break my fear. I do not have it. “Troma, but I am too cowardly in my engagement.”

Aïcha ben Ahmed reveals to Mona El Shazly the reason for her reluctance to marry
Aisha bin Ahmed in Without Warning

The latest work of the artist Aisha Bin Ahmed

Actress Aisha Bin Ahmed participated in the last Ramadan race in the series “Without Warning”, starring Aser Yassin, Nihal Anbar, Ahmed Khaled Saleh, Jihad Hossam, Ahmed Ezzat, child Salim Youssef and a large group of artists, led by Hani. Khalifa.

Aisha bin Ahmed achieved great success after the screening of her film “Ritsa”, which marked Aisha bin Ahmed’s return to cinema after 3 years of absence, and which featured a large group of stars, including Mahmoud Hamida , Ahmed Al-Fishawy, Amir Al-Masry and Caroline Azmy.

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Ramadan 2024 series.. Aisha bin Ahmed participates in “5 Hour” by Aser Yassin

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