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Al-Ahram: What the International Criminal Court did regarding Israel is a historic step 2024 - drweud
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Al-Ahram: What the International Criminal Court did regarding Israel is a historic step

Al-Ahram: What the International Criminal Court did regarding Israel is a historic step

Al-Ahram newspaper confirmed that what the International Criminal Court did towards Israel is a historic step and will have very important consequences.

The newspaper explained in an editorial in its issue published today (Wednesday) under the headline (Arrest Warrant), that this is the first time the court has issued orders affecting a close ally of the United States, after Karim Khan, the attorney general, asked the court to issue an arrest warrant for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. His Defense Minister Yoav Galant was accused of committing war crimes.

The newspaper reported that the court found there was good reason to believe that Netanyahu and Gallant bore criminal responsibility for war crimes and crimes against humanity against the Palestinians, including genocide and famine. , after deliberately using excessive force over the past few months. , to respond to… Palestinian resistance attacks on October 7, 2023, including killings of civilians, indiscriminate killings, strikes on civilian installations, sieges, starvation, displacement and planning for the displacement of millions of people to other regions, in flagrant violation of all international rules. humanitarian conventions and standards.

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Al-Ahram added that in general, issuing an arrest warrant against a head of state, prime minister or any other minister amounts to “qualifying” that person as a “war criminal”, and it then becomes pursued internationally and vulnerable to arrest. at any time. Moreover, his continued tenure becomes… A burden for the country to which he belongs and for those who deal with him from other countries.

The newspaper confirmed that the angry reactions of Israeli leaders to this historic step confirm that Israel has indeed received a strong political blow, since it has become responsible to the international community and humanity as a whole for war crimes. that it has committed and continues to commit in the Gaza Strip, whatever the voice of its defenders and whatever the Western political, military and media support for its operations in the Gaza Strip.

She stressed that there is also no doubt that Egypt’s step earlier this month to declare solidarity with South Africa in moves to hold Israeli leaders legally accountable played a major role in the tightening of the noose on Israel in the courts.

The newspaper warned that the Egyptian decision came as a shock to the Israeli side, as some Hebrew media platforms eventually tried to promote Egypt’s withdrawal from the case against Israel, which Cairo had categorically denied at the time. era, confirming Egypt’s sincere role in defending the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people.

She stressed that it will be extremely necessary in the coming period to continue on this path, in all its details, regardless of the time and effort required, in order to issue an arrest warrant against the criminals of Israeli war, which will be stronger than the objection of any country or party, and will necessarily mean the end of their political future, and thus a renewed hope to stop the shedding of Palestinian blood and create an opportunity for return to the path of peace.

Al-Ahram said at the end of the editorial in its issue published today: “The devastation and ruin the region has suffered is enough.”

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