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Al-Ittihad is in difficulty before the start of the summer… “Disastrous decisions and the clarifier is Italian! »

Shoot – Discussions continue on the agreements of the first football team of the Al-Ittihad club, during the upcoming summer transfer period, in light of the desire of the Dean’s management to strengthen its ranks with solid agreements.

The “Dean” expressed his desire to recruit German goalkeeper Andre ter Stegen, a FC Barcelona player, during the next summer transfer period.

The brigadier has placed the German goalkeeper at the top of his priority list for upcoming summer contracts, in a bid to strengthen the team’s ranks.

Spanish newspaper ‘Mundo Deportivo’ reported that Barcelona would refuse to sell the German goalkeeper next summer due to their high confidence in him.

But the situation will change if a suitable offer arrives due to the major financial crisis that the Catalan team is going through.

Romano declines despite Al-Ittihad’s interest in Stegen’s inclusion

Italian journalist Fabrizio Romano confirmed that the federation wanted Stegen, but his statements were old.

Romano explained, in televised statements broadcast yesterday Sunday, that the dean wants to include Stegen.

Romano said: “My interview took place in March, when I mentioned the interest of Al-Ittihad, and it is the fact that the club appreciates Stegen and admires him very, very much.”

He continued: “But currently I can guarantee that the club does not know how much they will spend on the players.

The budget of the Saudi League is not clear at the moment, but there will certainly be a significant budget.”

He continued: “We must be patient for the weeks to come. All Saudi clubs are waiting to understand how much they will spend on the transfer market.

He concluded: “The interest is there, but there are no negotiations at the moment. »

Disastrous decisions

The delay in announcing club budgets puts teams under great pressure in their negotiations to recruit senior players.

Al-Ittihad is the most damaging club, due to their willingness to change many of their professionals and add top-notch stars.

The team returns to its normal position and climbs onto the podium again.

The major deal is decided before the transfer market begins, due to interference from many parties that could derail the deal.

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Al-Ittihad is in difficulty before the start of the summer... “Disastrous decisions and the clarifier is Italian!  »

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