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Al-Komi at 38,000 pounds. Iron and cement prices today, Wednesday 05/22/2023

Al-Komi at 38,000 pounds.  Iron and cement prices today, Wednesday 05/22/2023

Iron price.. The week reviews the prices of iron and cement, during today’s session, Wednesday 05/22/2024, delivery of the factory land.

Egypt produces around 7.9 million tonnes of rebar and around 4.5 million tonnes of steel, while it imports 3.5 million tonnes of steel, according to data from the House of metallurgical industries.

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A value added tax and freight charges are added to the factory price, ranging from 1,000 to 2,000 pounds, on iron prices to reach the consumer. As for cement, an amount of between 100 and 200 pounds is added to reach the consumer. .

Iron price

The average iron price today at Ezz Company recorded 42,000 pounds per ton, Bishay iron price recorded 41,000 pounds per ton and Suez steel price recorded 39,000 pounds per ton.

While the price of iron today in Egyptian society was 41,000 pounds per ton, that of Al-Komi iron was 38,000 pounds per ton, that of Al-Ashry was 37,500 pounds per ton, that of of Misr Steel of 38,000 pounds and that of Bianco of 38,000 pounds per ton. 38,000 pounds per ton.

The price of iron today in Al-Garhi company was recorded at 39,000 pounds per ton, the price of Al-Dakhiliyah steel was recorded at 42,000 pounds, the price of Al-Jayushi was of 39,000 pounds, Al-Marakbi’s price was 41,000 pounds. per ton, and Attia was 38,500 pounds per ton.

Today, a ton of iron was recorded in the investment mill markets at a price starting at 37,000 pounds, while the price of a ton of iron in rolling mills started at 42,000 pounds.

Cement price

While Armed Cement recorded 2,000 pounds per tonne today, Al-Nasr Cement recorded 1,920 pounds per tonne, South Valley Cement recorded 1,940 pounds, Askari Cement 1,950 pounds and Egypt Cement 2,060 pounds.

Al-Suwaidi Cement recorded 2,100 pounds per ton, Suez Cement recorded 2,000 pounds per ton, Helwan Cement recorded 1,980 pounds per ton and Al-Mukhassus Cement recorded 1,970 pounds.

Prices for mixed cement ranged between 1,280 and 1,390 pounds, while strong cement ranged between 2,220 and 2,220 pounds and white cement between 3,820 and 3,920 pounds.

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