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Alexandria Governorate Crowns Efforts to Cope with Tsunami Waves with High-Level International Honor

Alexandria Governorate Crowns Efforts to Cope with Tsunami Waves with High-Level International Honor

Today, the ancient city of Alexandria witnessed an important event that represents a historic achievement added to its record, hosting a high-level meeting between Major General Mohamed Al-Sharif, Governor of Alexandria , and Dennis Chang Sing, representative of the United Nations Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO, responsible for the tsunami wave risk reduction program in the Mediterranean and the North Atlantic.

This meeting came to officially honor the governorate of Alexandria on the occasion of its achievement of advanced international standards in the field of preparedness for the risks of tsunami waves, within the framework of its tireless efforts and fruitful cooperation with the competent international organizations.

This took place in the presence of Dr. Jacqueline Azer, Deputy Governor, Dr. Amr Zakaria Hamouda, Head of the National Institute of Marine Sciences and Fisheries, Dr. Abeer Al-Saharti and Dr. Suzanne Al-Gharbawi, vice-presidents of the National Institute of Marine and Fisheries Sciences. Institute, Dr. Mohamed Abdel Razek, head of the Central Administration of Tourism and Seaside Resorts, and Mustafa Orabi, director of the General Administration of Crises and Disasters of the governorate. Engineer Nevin Al-Laithi is responsible for the climate change file in the governorate. governorate.

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At the start of the meeting, the governor welcomed the UNESCO representative to the world’s oldest Alexandria, emphasizing that Alexandria is an ancient city and has many ancient monuments and buildings that are worth preserving, it is why many beach protection projects have been implemented in recent years.

The Governor of Alexandria stressed the importance of preparing in advance for natural risks to which the governorate may be exposed, and the importance of monitoring the places most at risk to work on developing advanced reduction plans risks in the event of exposure to natural hazards. disasters.

For his part, the UNESCO representative explained that cooperation with the city of Alexandria began several years ago, and today we announce that Alexandria is the first city in Egypt and the African continent capable to cope with any tsunami wave.

This high-level international honor did not come out of nowhere, but rather is the result of tireless efforts and thoughtful plans developed by the Alexandria Governorate over many years, convinced of the importance of preparing for the moves forward to face the natural dangers that the city may encounter. can be exposed. Alexandria, with its ancient history and distinguished cultural status, has understood that protecting its historical capabilities and treasures is a sacred duty that cannot be neglected.

This is why the governorate has worked to implement many pioneering projects to protect its beaches and improve their ability to withstand potential tsunami waves, starting with the establishment of advanced early warning systems and training of specialized personnel to deal with these natural disasters, even raising awareness among the population. Alexandria residents about the dangers of tsunami waves and what to do if it happens.

This high-level international distinction constitutes a strong testimony to the sincere efforts and firm commitment demonstrated by the Governorate of Alexandria in the field of tsunami preparedness. This achievement also represents an important indication of the excellence enjoyed by Alexandria in the field of natural disaster management, which confirms its leading position as a model in Egypt and the Arab region.

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