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Alexandria University Board of Trustees Addresses Critical Topics Aimed at Strengthening University Progress 2024 - drweud
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Alexandria University Board of Trustees Addresses Critical Topics Aimed at Strengthening University Progress

Alexandria University Board of Trustees Addresses Critical Topics Aimed at Strengthening University Progress

Today, the Board of Trustees of Colleges and Institutes of Alexandria University held an important meeting chaired by Mohamed Fathi Abu Al-Nasr, Secretary General of the University. The meeting was marked by the discussion of a number of vital topics aimed at strengthening the university. progress and develop your performance at different levels.

The Council emphasized the need to maximize the use of available resources of the university, through optimal utilization of budgetary allocations for the year 2024/2025, with particular emphasis on maintenance items and basic supplies .

He stressed the importance of rationalizing expenses and directing them towards priority items to ensure a very efficient progress of work.

The Council wanted to emphasize the need to quickly update the data of professors and workers in the university database. He stressed the importance of completing the “E-Portfolio” for all university employees, due to its role in improving the accuracy of human resources information and facilitating process monitoring. administrative.

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The Council expressed its deep gratitude for the efforts made by those working to follow up the examinations of the second semester of the 2023/2024 academic year, and praised their exceptional performance and the team spirit that characterized their work during the examination period, and urged them to continue to exert remarkable efforts to ensure that the examinations run smoothly and efficiently until their conclusion.

The Council discussed the necessary procedures to complete the implementation of the promotion orders for the administrative apparatus of Alexandria University and stressed the importance of carefully following the legal procedures and regulations governing the promotion process in order to to ensure justice and equality among all deserving employees.

Muhammad Fathi Abu Al-Nasr, Secretary General of the university, stressed the need to complete the inventory of applications of employees eligible for the incentive bonus, stressing the importance of honoring distinguished employees and appreciating their efforts to improve the performance and performance of the university. achieve its goals.

He highlighted the importance of the directives and decisions taken at the meeting, emphasizing the university’s commitment to working diligently to achieve its goals and noble mission in the areas of education, scientific research and community service.

He stressed that these guidelines are part of an overall plan to improve work efficiency and motivate employees to exert more efforts and creativity in order to raise the status of the university to local and international levels.

At the end of the meeting, the Council honored Mona Al-Ruwaini, Secretary of the College of Arts, on the occasion of her reaching retirement age, saluting her professional career full of achievements and her valuable contributions to the service to the university for many years.

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