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American Journal: “International Justice” decision marks the culmination of a week of international rejection of Israel 2024 - drweud
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American Journal: “International Justice” decision marks the culmination of a week of international rejection of Israel

American Journal: “International Justice” decision marks the culmination of a week of international rejection of Israel

The American Wall Street Journal said that the decision of the International Court of Justice to end Israeli military operations in the Palestinian city of Rafah represents the culmination of a week of international rejection of Israel.

The newspaper explains in an article published on Saturday that the decision handed down by the International Court, by a majority of 13 votes to two, comes after the International Criminal Court, a separate tribunal also based in The Hague, declared last Monday that its prosecutor General Karim Khan is reportedly seeking to file charges against Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu and his Defense Minister Yoav Galant, as well as three Hamas leaders, who have been accused of committing war crimes related to operations in Gaza and violations of human rights.

She added that the move also follows last Wednesday’s announcement by Norway, Spain and Ireland to officially recognize the Palestinian state, reflecting deep international frustration over Israel’s war in Gaza.

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The newspaper reports that the International Court of Justice, the highest court affiliated with the United Nations, has ordered Israel to end military operations that could lead to the total or partial destruction of the Palestinian population in the Palestinian town of Rafah, where there are hundreds of thousands of people. civilians found refuge.

The court also ordered Israel to keep the Rafah border crossing with Egypt open for the delivery of humanitarian supplies and to allow UN-mandated investigators to enter Gaza to collect evidence related to genocide allegations.

The newspaper added that after the International Court of Justice’s decision was announced, Netanyahu’s office said it was consulting with senior officials in his government on next steps, while Hamas issued a statement in which he welcomed the decision and called on the international community. to ensure that Israel complies.

She noted that Friday’s directive is the latest ruling by the International Court of Justice aimed at protecting Palestinian civilians in South Africa’s lawsuit last December in which it accuses Israel of genocide, while Israel denounced these accusations and declared that its military operations aim to destroy Hamas and free the detainees.

The newspaper revealed that although the International Court’s orders are binding, it does not have the necessary means to implement them. That’s why Zain Dangor, director general of the South African Department of Foreign Affairs, said his government would ask the United Nations Security Council to allow Israel to comply.

He added: “This is the first time that Israel has explicitly indicated that it has stopped its military action in any area of ​​Gaza, and this time specifically in Rafah. It orders the main party in this conflict to end its hostilities against the people of Palestine. »

She noted that yesterday’s decision on Friday refused to give South Africa everything it asked for in its latest proposal, which called on the International Court of Justice to order Israel to completely withdraw its forces from the Gaza Strip, but the international court made clear that it was not satisfied with Israeli measures so far to protect civilians there, citing statements by a number of UN officials highlighting the humanitarian losses in Rafah.

The president of the tribunal, Judge Nawaf Salam, said: “The tribunal is not convinced that the evacuation efforts and related measures that Israel claims to have taken to enhance the security of civilians in Rafah are sufficient to mitigate the the enormous danger that the territory represents. The Palestinian population is exposed.

More than 800,000 Palestinians have fled Rafah in recent weeks, according to the United Nations, as Israel expands its operations aimed at eliminating Hamas militants.

The newspaper quoted Barak Medina, a law professor at the Hebrew University of Israel, as saying, “Internationally, Israel is facing the worst crisis since its founding 76 years ago,” adding that the order temporary measure recently issued by the International Court of Justice could affect the international cooperation on which Israel depends, from research projects to the supply of weapons.

The ICJ order comes in response to the bloody conflict that began on October 7 when Hamas attacked Israel, killing 1,200 people, according to Israel. The attack led to the continuation of Israel’s military campaign in Gaza, which officials say has killed more than 35,000 people and injured more than 80,000.

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