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As his departure approaches... Is Gallardo an oppressor or an oppressed with Al-Ittihad? 2024 - drweud
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As his departure approaches… Is Gallardo an oppressor or an oppressed with Al-Ittihad?

Shoot – Argentinian Marcelo Gallardo is set to leave the Al-Ittihad club in the coming period, at the latest after the end of the current season.

The various press articles agree on the fact that those responsible for the dean have decided to thank the Argentinian once and for all.

All that remains is for both parties to agree on the material details to officially announce Gallardo’s departure from team training.

Is Gallardo an oppressor or an oppressed within the Union?

Dean fans disagreed on whether Gallardo was wronged during his trip with Dean, or if he was the oppressor at this point?

Dean decided to sign Gallardo midway through the season and he has played 31 matches for the team so far.

Under Gallardo’s leadership, Al-Ittihad achieved only 14 wins with a percentage below 50%, while they tied 4 matches and lost 13.

Disastrous figures, because the dean fails to win even half of the matches, which pushes the administration to oust Gallardo.

But considering the Argentinian’s career, the truth is that the administration bears the greatest part of the crisis in which the team finds itself.

Gallardo arrived at the club in a lousy squad that was not properly strengthened during the summer transfer window.

The unfortunate start was the decision to keep Romarinho and Cornado, who are considered below professional level in other big teams.

Therefore, the dean lost the opportunity to add two international players to the team’s roster to strengthen the team much needed compared to other clubs.

For the rest of the support, Al-Ittihad decided to include players at the end of their football careers, namely Karim Benzema, Kanté and Fabinho.

Karim Benzema seems indifferent to what he will present on the ground, and indifferent to the need to benefit Al-Ittihad in its mission.

As for Kanté and Fabinho, the terrifying decline in their levels over the past two seasons before even joining the team is clear to everyone.

The duo entered a spiral of successive injuries with Chelsea and Liverpool, which saw them miss long spells.

All this has deprived the Union of high-quality professionals, capable of making a difference for long periods and with great continuity.

Which robbed Gallardo of a solid roster with which he could compete and compete with the bigs, and a team full of internal crises that needed to be resolved.

The Argentinian is inflexible

But Gallardo is not completely innocent because he is involved in the management of the group – even with its technical weakness -.

The Argentine coach’s insistence on his high-pressing style of play and constant possession of the ball quickly sank the ship.

The Argentine adhered to his style of play in light of the technical poverty of the squad, increasingly exposing its weaknesses and crises.

He therefore participated in the sinking of the commodore’s ship and assumes part of it, but to a lesser degree of management.

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As his departure approaches... Is Gallardo an oppressor or an oppressed with Al-Ittihad?

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