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Assiut Governor Orders Rapid Completion of Reconciliation File for Construction Violations

Assiut Governor Orders Rapid Completion of Reconciliation File for Construction Violations

Governor of Assiut and those responsible for town planning

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Major General Essam Saad, Governor of Assiut, led the coordination and cooperation between the various parties involved, including the urban planning, engineering, spatial variables and property departments, to ensure the execution prompt completion of applications submitted by citizens to reconcile construction violations and the formation of committees in all local units to ensure timely completion of necessary inspections for submitted applications and preparation of a daily report with the percentage of achievement, emphasizing the need to unite all efforts and work in a team spirit to overcome obstacles. and in a manner that achieves the public good, carry out the necessary procedures for the citizen and the State to obtain their rights in accordance with the laws, executive regulations and decisions that regulate them, in accordance with the directives of President Abdel Fattah El- Sissi, President of the Republic, and the missions of Dr. Mostafa Madbouly, Prime Minister, and followed by the comments of Major General Hisham Amna, Minister of Local Development, in this regard.

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This happened during his meeting with engineer Iman Ali Mahmoud, director general of the General Department of Urban Planning of the governorate, and Bahaa Othman, director of the Planning and Budget Department of the General Directorate.

The Governor of Assiut explained that, within the framework of Reconciliation Law No. 187 of 2023, a request for a data certificate is submitted to the technological centers of all centers and units in the governorate, or through the government portal of local services or the newly issued application by the Ministry of Planning, where the Department of Spatial Variables of the General Office and Centers reviews applications and carries out inspections and issues a certificate of all required real estate data of engineering services, urban planning services and state properties, in order to facilitate citizens that the data is available through a single certificate through which the citizen submits the reconciliation files to accelerate the pace of work.

General Essam Saad said that work continues in all technological centers and that there is a high demand from citizens due to their serious desire to reconcile some construction violations and legalize their status, because the Requests are received daily and on public holidays except Fridays, adding that he ordered that all facilities be provided to citizens who request to reconcile these violations. In order to quickly legalize their status in accordance with legal requirements, he stressed the need to monitor the progress of the work and the completion rates of the reconciliation file in each center. , city and district at the governorate level and assess performance rates in this regard.

Stressing that he follows the work of the commissions in the technological centers through the control center of the National Emergency Network within the general management of the governorate or through his field tours to ensure the regularity of the progress of work, overcome obstacles as quickly as possible, simplify procedures for citizens and accelerate performance rates.

Assiut Governorate had ordered, through its official Facebook page, those who wish to reconcile construction violations to take into account the completion of the required documents to facilitate the process of reconciling construction violations.

The governorate also launched, through the Media Department, an awareness campaign entitled “Reconciliation and legalize your status” to inform citizens about the new law on reconciliation and the facilities it offers to serious citizens, on how to submit reconciliation requests and on the documents required to submit them. He also allocated hotlines at the Network Control Center and the Central Operations Room of the governorate to receive complaints from citizens 24 hours a day and respond to their inquiries and requests. complaints regarding the reconciliation system, encroachment on agricultural land and construction violations. These are the governorate operations room hotline numbers (088/2135858), (088/2135727) and (088/2135670). Or send photos and complaints via. WhatsApp and Telegram programs, 24 hours a day, at the number (01066628906) in addition to the number of the Unified Government Complaints System (16528) of the Council of Ministers, or through the electronic portal of the system to receive reports and citizen complaints 24 hours a day and prompt processing.

Assiut Governor Orders Rapid Completion of Reconciliation File for Construction Violations

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