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Associated Press confirms allegations of sexual assault by resistance fighters are false 2024 - drweud
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Associated Press confirms allegations of sexual assault by resistance fighters are false

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An Associated Press report reveals the falsity of the narratives adopted by the occupation to make false accusations against the resistance in this regard.

The report cites testimonies from officials of the ZAKA organization specializing in relief operations, active on the ground following the Al-Aqsa flood operation.

The report states that Haim Otmazgin was the first to pass on testimony indicating rape against one of those killed during the operation, but it later emerged that these allegations were false and baseless.

Otmazgin later recanted his testimony and admitted to later confirming the falsity of his story, revealing that the position of the bodies he had seen and relied on to accuse the resistance of sexual assault was the a result of occupying soldiers pulling the bodies and changing them. their location.

An Associated Press article said the Zakat workers’ testimonies became the basis on which Israeli and Western media built their reports and narratives accusing the resistance of sexual assault during the Al-Aqsa floods.

The report adds that it took months before ZAKA admitted that his officials’ accounts were false, as the occupation government used the accounts to improve its narrative and political agenda, particularly knowing that the government knew that no evidence had been provided regarding these allegations, in addition to quickly disposing of the bodies.

One of the contributors to the spread of these lies was Yossi Landau, who spoke about allegations of beheadings of dozens of children by resistance fighters and published accounts of rapes against women.

Landau later discovered that his stories were baseless, but he did not retract them, instead he increased his media presence and told his allegations to journalists to become a basis for media reporting around the world.

The Associated Press revealed that Otzgen asked Yossi Landau to stop publishing these false stories, including about the beheading of children, which the Associated Press confirmed as no evidence was provided to confirm the the case, in addition to the fact that Landau had not indicated to the Associated Press media the place where he claims to have seen the headless children.

Details in the attached video…

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This was stated by Bagheri Kani during his meeting with the Egyptian Minister of Foreign Affairs.
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