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Association forces Al-Hilal to sell Salem Al-Dosari to Al-Qadisiyah... 'terrifying developments' 2024 - drweud
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Association forces Al-Hilal to sell Salem Al-Dosari to Al-Qadisiyah… ‘terrifying developments’

Shoot – It seems that Al Hilal Club’s first football team is going to suffer a major blow, due to the recent decisions of the Saudi Federation and the Club Association.

The Saudi Football Federation and the Professional League have decided to modify the number of players registered in the team squads.

For Saudi Roshen Professional League clubs with 25 players instead of 30 players, taking into account the right of each club to register 10 foreign players,

From the 2024-2025 sports season, provided that non-Saudi players born in 2003 or above are registered.

Al-Hilal misses Salman, Al-Maliki and Al-Dosari on the way

Al Hilal risks losing its most important players, due to the reduction of the team’s squad next season.

Al-Zaeem will officially sacrifice international duo Salman Al-Faraj and Abdul-Ilah Al-Maliki.

Thanks to the presence of the professional duo Ruben Neves and Sergei Savic, with the alternatives available

In Muhammad Kanoo and Nasser Al-Dosari.

The major crisis is that the leader could do without the services of his first star, Salem Al-Dosari.

Due to the huge offer made by Al-Qadisiyah Club, in addition to the confirmed return of Brazilian Neymar Jr.

The Saudi Professional League has set a tentative date for the start of the new season of the Roshen League competition.

On August 22, during the season which will see the development of the Asian Championships,

By organizing the Asian Elite League and the AFC Champions League 2.

Al Hilal won the Saudi Roshan League title, for the 19th time in its history, after leading with 90 points in 32 matches.

Moving 12 points away from vice-champion Al-Nasr, two days before the end of the season.

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Association forces Al-Hilal to sell Salem Al-Dosari to Al-Qadisiyah... 'terrifying developments'

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