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Bashir Al-Tabei: Zamalek fans have the biggest role to play in Confederation’s victory

Bashir Al-Tabei: Zamalek fans have the biggest role to play in Confederation's victory

Bashir Al-Tabei

Bashir Al-Tabei, the former star of Zamalek, expressed his extreme joy for winning the Confederation title as it will give a state of complete stability to the White Castle, noting that the team won the title with the support supporters, especially since he He was not qualified at the start of the season to compete strongly for titles, at the same time praising the role of Abdel Ce Mr. Football Manager specifically.

He said in statements on the Box to Box program broadcast on satellite etc: “The period ahead requires proper planning and consideration, and the players deserve a warm welcome and appeared in good condition thanks to the supporters at the international stadium of Cairo and the team of the current season received unprecedented public support, and this is the secret of the crowning “With the Confederation”.

He added: “The fans played a major role in winning the Confederation Cup after the fantastic turnout at the Cairo Stadium, and the behavior that occurred during the coronation ceremony was due to people who love the club, but they offended Zamalek thank God things ended well.

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He continued: “Nahdet Berkane was affected by public pressure, and Moin Al-Shaabani was surprised by the performance of Zamalek players and did not expect a radical attack, especially since he was present in Egypt and that he knew the team a lot, and Zamalek, at a certain stage, was not at the required level, and if he had been at the same level over the years, he would have been. »

He pointed out that he joined Zamalek from the Emirates at the age of 20 and played a major role in many tournaments, pointing out that there are players who have been playing in big clubs for many years and who only play 4 games each season. Confirming that Mahmoud Al-Wansh is close to my level with the club.

He concluded: “Ali Maaloul is capable of coming back well, and I expect him to come back quickly because he is a very committed player, and his return to the field depends on the response of his muscles and his commitment in rehabilitation and treatment.”

Bashir Al-Tabei: Zamalek fans have the biggest role to play in Confederation's victory

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