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Ben Gvir: I went to see Netanyahu twice and I did not see the draft agreement. So why would he hide it unless it was “imperfect”?

Ben Gvir: I went to see Netanyahu twice and I did not see the draft agreement.  So why would he hide it unless it was “imperfect”?

Hardline Israeli National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir said Monday that the deal revealed last Friday by US President Joe Biden, which he said was in Israel’s interests, is a deal that means the capitulation of Israel and the end of the war without achieving its main objective, which is eliminating… Hamas.

In an interview with reporters at the Knesset, Ben Gvir revealed details of his dispute with Prime Minister Netanyahu over the past two days, saying he had a phone call with him, and Netanyahu claimed that the agreement had not been proposed by Biden. and that there would be no “flawed” agreement that would end the war without elimination. On Hamas, and when I asked him to see the draft agreement, he (Netanyahu) agreed and told me to come to his office, so that I could see it with my own eyes.

He added: “When I arrived at the Prime Minister’s office yesterday to review the draft, his aides claimed that he was busy at the moment and did not have time. Then one of the assistants asked me what project I was talking about… and he told me there was no draft… while another assistant said: Yes, there is has a draft, come back tomorrow to see it.

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He added: “We agreed to a meeting this morning, so that I could review the project, and when I arrived this morning at Netanyahu’s office, and again, they refused to present the project to me. “

He continued: “Then the President of the National Security Council, Tzachi Hanegbi, called me and when I reiterated my request to see the draft agreement, to my surprise, he denied the existence of ‘a project.”

Ben Gvir went on to say: “I ask Netanyahu… What do you have to hide?… And if the agreement is not flawed and does not include the commitment that the war will end, why do you refuse to present it? tome?”

He added: “The only reason to hide this can only be one reason, which is that this is a flawed deal that will end the war without eliminating Hamas, and that the party (of Jewish Greatness) will dissolve this government. »

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