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Between Hossam Hassan and Klopp… did Salah buy the one he sold? | International sport

Between Hossam Hassan and Klopp... did Salah buy the one he sold?  |  International sport

Al Malaeb Newspaper – Recent weeks have seen controversy surrounding Egyptian star Mohamed Salah, particularly following the appointment of Hossam Hassan as coach of the Egyptian national team.

The former captain of the world players had a clear opinion on Salah’s departure from the Egyptian national team camp after his injury during the last Africa Cup of Nations, pointing out that if he had been the coach of the national team, he allegedly asked the player not to return, as long as he wanted to leave the team and return to England.

This statement increased the controversy over the strained relations between Hossam Hassan and Salah, as soon as it was announced that the “dean” would coach the Egyptian national team at the beginning of last February.

Before the first camp of the Egyptian national team under the management of Hossam Hassan, Salah requested to be exempted from joining the team, out of a desire to gradually restore his level with Liverpool.

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Most observers explained that Salah refused to join the camp, to avoid working under the new coach, due to his statements coinciding with his injury during the Nations Cup.

But by accepting the reason announced by the technical staff concerning Salah’s request, the player in fact wanted to devote himself entirely to the Reds, far from traveling for the national team.

He bought who sold it

On the sidelines of the Egyptian national team camp last March, Salah had fully recovered from his injury which had prevented him from participating in some matches before the international break.

The 31-year-old has already played for Liverpool in all the matches the team has played in all tournaments.

But Salah’s emergence has been accompanied by a drop in his level, in addition to his coach Jurgen Klopp’s decision to sit him on the bench several times.

Since the end of last March, Liverpool have played 7 Premier League matches, and Salah has started 5 of them in the starting XI, while he was a substitute in two, in which he only scored two goals without providing assists. .

In the European League, Liverpool played two matches against Atalanta in the quarter-finals. Salah did not start in the first, while Klopp took him off in the second game after 66 minutes, in which he was content to score a single goal from the penalty spot. place.

It seemed Klopp’s faith in Mohamed Salah had dissipated in recent weeks, as the player bought out his club at the expense of his country’s national team.

Klopp’s declining confidence in Salah was confirmed after he was left out of the starting line-up in two of the last three Premier League matches, at a time when the team is in strong title competition of the Premier League.

This also applies to both Europa League matches, especially after Klopp dropped Salah in the 66th minute when Liverpool needed to score two goals to level the first leg result.

Outburst of anger

In the last match against West Ham, Salah found himself on the bench from the start, suppressing his anger within himself until the German coach ordered him to warm up.

Salah continued to warm up for a long time, but Klopp postponed the decision to use him until the 78th minute, which put Salah on the verge of explosion.

As soon as Klopp approached the Egypt international to shake his hand, he found the latter cold in his greeting, prompting him to speak to him closely, but the player surprised him by bumping into him verbally, in an unusual way.

This clash came as Salah’s outburst after weeks of anger due to successive marginalization decisions in recent matches, especially as he declared: “I sold my country for you, and you ‘didn’t finally buy my heart’, to pay the price for his decision to buy the club and Klopp, at the expense of the national team and Hossam Hassan.

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