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Cairo News presents the specifications of the Iranian president’s helicopter (video)

Cairo News presents the specifications of the Iranian president's helicopter (video)

Cairo news channel examined in report Iranian President’s Helicopter SpecificationsThis happened after the helicopter crashed due to bad weather conditions in the country’s northwestern province of East Azerbaijan.

Iranian President’s Helicopter Specifications

The specifications of the Iranian president’s helicopter were as follows:

The Bell 212 helicopter was produced in the United States of America and the aircraft was first manufactured in 1968.

In the 1970s, the helicopter was called the “Hell Hornet” and was used for a variety of purposes, including transport and rescue.

The length of the helicopter is approximately 17.45 meters, its height is approximately 3.8 meters, and the number of passengers is 14 people.

Its maximum speed is 190 kilometers per hour and its maximum payload is approximately 2,268 kilograms.

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The bodies of the Iranian president, his foreign minister and their companions were found at the site of the helicopter crash

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Egypt follows with great concern the helicopter accident of the Iranian president
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