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Canal University holds the second preparatory meeting of the Fifth Postgraduate Studies Conference and the Sixth Applied Research Conference

Canal University holds the second preparatory meeting of the Fifth Postgraduate Studies Conference and the Sixth Applied Research Conference

Suez Canal University, represented by the higher studies and research sector, held the second preparatory meeting of the fifth symposium of higher studies and applied research, whose activities will take place under the patronage of Dr. Nasser Mandour , president of the Suez Canal University.

This is done under the general supervision of Dr. Muhammad Saad Zaghloul, University Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research, and under the executive supervision of Dr. Tamer Shawky, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Physiotherapy and Director of the digital transformation of the University. Center.

The meeting, attended by members of the Supreme Committee of the conference, included the appointment of coordinators, selection of arbitration committees and selection of the first announcement of the conference. An AI character created by the university’s Center for Digital Transformation was chosen for. present and announce the conference. After modifying some points, the final shape of the model was agreed. Email for reservation.

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During the meeting, Dr. Muhammad Saad Zaghloul said that the Fifth Conference of Graduate Studies and Applied Research is one of the most distinguished scientific conferences, as last year it saw high participation with the participation of an elite group of researchers and members of civil society, between speakers and participants from various Egyptian, Arab and African universities, with the aim of encouraging researchers to participate, to develop the spirit of cooperation with each other, to work as a team to solve problems in civil society and to form research teams from all disciplines, to implement. the university’s research plan, which aims to serve the community of the Canal region and Sinai in particular.

Saad Zaghloul indicated that an invitation was launched to a group of civil society stakeholders and that the authorities regarding the reception of students were addressed from consulates and embassies, in particular to representatives of the largest communities of the university (China, Indonesia, Syria, Sudan). The invitation was also extended to representatives of civil society in Al-Azhar Al-Sharif, churches and the general office of the governorate.

The Vice-President of the University of Graduate Studies and Research stressed the need to distribute tasks between the committees so that they fulfill their roles, stressing that the Protocol and Reception Committee should extend invitations to deans and deans of colleges and determine mailing dates. research.

Dr Mohamed Saad hinted that the launch of the conference booking website will take place within seven days of its testing, and fees will also be determined for participants from the Canal Alliance and the Sinai region or from outside, particularly for international students.

It should be noted that the second preparatory meeting was chaired by Dr. Muhammad Saad, in the presence of the members of the scientific and organizational committee of the conference, to discuss the necessary preparations, review the themes of the conference and determine the date of receipt of the research.

Dr. Tamer Shawky said that the Postgraduate Studies Conference will be held for the fifth consecutive time, as well as the Applied Research Conference for the sixth year, as these conferences are considered among the fruitful scientific meetings through which expertise, opinions and experiences are exchanged between researchers in the basic sciences, humanities, engineering, medicine and others. Advanced research is evaluated by specialists with research experience and a distinguished scientific reputation in the area of ​​specialization.

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