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Conditions for obtaining early retirement... procedures and paperwork 2024 - drweud
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Conditions for obtaining early retirement… procedures and paperwork

Early pension.. Some people want to know the eligibility conditions Early retirementMany citizens try to settle their pension before reaching the legal age, this is called early pension settlement.

Early retirement

And availability “the week» So that his followers know everything about… Early pension and eligibility conditionsThis is part of an ongoing service it provides to its visitors in various areas, and you can follow up by clicking here.

Conditions for granting early retirement

The implementing regulations of the law on social insurance and pensions establish the controls and conditions of eligibility. Old-age insurance pension Disability and death, as well as the conditions for withdrawal of early pension, since clause No. 7 of Article 102 provides that in the event of the right to pension in the event of cessation of service, work or activity of the insured person other than age due to age, disability or death, an “early pension” is required to be entitled to the pension. According to this case:

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Conditions for obtaining early retirement... procedures and paperwork
Early pension

1) End of service, work or activity.

2) Availability of a subscription period for old age, disability and death insurance which gives the right to a pension of at least 50% of the last salary or settlement income, and at least 65% of the minimum contribution salary from the date of opening of pension rights.

3) The aforementioned subscription period will consist of twenty effective years, and this duration will be increased to twenty-five effective years from January 1, 2025.

4) Submit a disbursement request using form no. 20 attached.

5) The insured must not be subject to old age, disability and death insurance in accordance with the provisions of the law on the date of submission of the disbursement request.

According to the article, for the payment of the pension in case No. 7 of this article, it is required to pay all amounts owed by the insured related to the subscription period or the current value of the annuities due in accordance with the regulations attached. Table n°11.

Conditions for obtaining early retirement

As for the conditions for obtaining early retirement, they are as follows:

1) Transfer half of the employee’s monthly salary for five years after reaching the age of sixty, and this depends on the employee’s commitment to pay part of his salary every month into a special termination benefit account on duty.

2) The end-of-service compensation is paid on the basis of the employee’s average annual salary over the last 18 years of his or her period of activity. 3. Granting of the bonus based on the monthly salary for each year of seniority, with the exception of the first five years of seniority which are not taken into account for the calculation of the bonus.

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