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Congress Party: CNN’s claims are lies and Egypt is keen to support the Palestinian cause

Congress Party: CNN's claims are lies and Egypt is keen to support the Palestinian cause

The Congress Party, led by Senator Omar Al-Mukhtar Samaida, condemned attempts by some parties to insult Egyptian efforts to achieve a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip.

The Congress Party said in a statement on Wednesday that all these allegations are lies broadcast by the American channel CNN.

The Congress Party criticized paid and politicized channels, including CNN and other misleading media outlets, for publishing fake news about the Egyptian mediation, stressing that such news is “sponsored” by the channel and the parties that control it.

The Congress Party has confirmed that this news is based on allegations from unknown or intentional and paid sources.

The Congress Party called on the media to exercise caution in publishing information related to the Palestinian issue, verify its authenticity before publishing it, and refrain from spreading rumors and false information.

The Congress Party stressed that Egyptian diplomacy is known for its willingness to reach solutions that take into account the interests of all parties, so as to preserve their dignity and guarantee regional peace and security.

The Congress Party stressed that Egypt is making all efforts to achieve a just and lasting peace that guarantees security and prosperity for all people in the region, and will continue its efforts despite the unjust allegations.

The Congress Party added that some parties are trying to hold Egypt responsible for the failure of the negotiations, even though Egypt only intervened after being strongly encouraged to do so due to its experience and its success in concluding a previous truce, but that Israel is trying to do so. blaming others for failure in order to continue committing his crimes and calm his rebellious and rebellious people. He is completely satisfied with Netanyahu’s actions, which we completely reject. We will not be the peg on which they blame their failure and their involvement. .

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