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Conversations and shouts between those responsible for the occupation during a cabinet meeting!

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The Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper reported in an article that Regev shouted at the chief of staff, accusing him of abandoning southern settlers surrounding the Gaza Strip, despite the fact that the Military Intelligence Division, ” Aman,” submitted 4 reports warning of a possible major attack.

She noted that Regev attacked Halevy, saying, “Why weren’t you ready and prepared?” Why were there only 400 soldiers on the Gaza border? Why did you agree to Nova (the nature ceremony) spending time? Additionally, we heard every warning from the observers we saw and shouted, and those who issued that message ignored it, overruled it, and downplayed it, how they were putting our children in danger, like ducks on the fence.

She added: “You were not arrested. You were told that you sent four messages, but you remained silent. You left 3,000 people on the fence, in addition to citizens of the southern colonies. You left 400 soldiers on the fence. You ignored the lighting of the wires, conducted preparatory communications at night and did not declare the alert at dawn, and you did not inform the Prime Minister. . Does this seem like normal behavior to you?

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The Gaza war... the occupation defies the decision of the International Court of Justice and intensifies its bombings on the Gaza Strip

The newspaper quoted those present at the meeting as saying that Halevy was upset by Regev’s attack and responded: “What happened on October 7 is being handled as part of the investigation, and if you want to say that we knew and ignored or wanted something like this to happen, then it is absolutely inappropriate for me to respond to you.

Occupation media reported that “in four letters Netanyahu received from the army’s intelligence division, he was warned of the weakness of Israeli deterrence following the devastating damage to social cohesion in Israel, and the intention of Israel’s enemies to exploit the crisis of the legal revolution to change the strategy of the situation in the region.

In turn, Netanyahu lied to the army’s statement, saying that the messages contained no warning about Hamas’s intention to attack from Gaza, and that the documents indicated that Hamas was against the settlement and that he concentrated the fights on other arenas.

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Special video: Hezbollah sets fire to occupation sites
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