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Conviction of accused in ‘Matariyya incidents’ handed down today

Conviction of accused in 'Matariyya incidents' handed down today


Nour Ahmed

Today Wednesday, the First Anti-Terrorism Circuit, headed by Advisor Mohamed Al-Saeed El-Sherbiny, will complete the sentencing session of an accused, for his involvement with others who had already been convicted of killing two people and terrorized citizens in Matareya, in an affair known in the media as the “Matareya events”.

Mataria Events

The Prosecutor General of East Cairo Prosecutor’s Office referred the accused and 9 others to criminal trial, accusing them of premeditated murder and terrorizing citizens in Matareya. The referral order stated that the accused and other unknown persons had participated in a gathering with the aim of committing crimes. attack people and influence public authorities in their work by using force and violence if some of them carry firearms and ammunition, as investigations have indicated.

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Conviction of accused in 'Matariyya incidents' handed down today

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