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Crime scene footage of mass murderer…satanic tricks to lure ‘girls of the night’ and torture them to death

Assembly Thug.. Complete calm in the posh area, behind which lies a mystery and a heartbreaking story about the serial killer of the Fifth Colony, the “killer of the girls of the night” in the corners of the “death room” of his apartment, after which he subjected his “prostitute” victims to a series of severe tortures which culminated in their execution and their bodies thrown into desert areas.

Neighbors of the gathering thug have revealed new surprises about the accused of killing the girls and dumping their bodies in various desert locations between Ismailia and Port Said governorates.

Who is the thug at the rally?

Assembly Thug It is about a young man named Karim, who has lived for over a year in the apartment where his series of crimes were committed, and he has a young child of 9 years old with whom the mass murderer lived in the foreigner. his parents, specifically in America, and he recently returned and is working in commerce in Egypt and abroad. He has a foreign nationality alongside the Egyptian and divorced his wife 8 months ago.

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Crime scene footage of mass murderer...satanic tricks to lure 'girls of the night' and torture them to death
Assembly Thug

The victims of the massacre are the girls of the night

The mass murderer lures his victims, the “daughters of the night”, from various regions, such as Al-Zawiya Al-Hamra in Cairo and Abu Al-Numros in Giza, with deceptive ruses so that he can carry out his plans and satisfy his desire. “to enjoy torturing them”, according to what he told the investigating authorities, and he took them to his apartment in a famous complex in the area, specifically to a soundproof room, and started torturing the girls while practicing vice with them. , and one of them died from severe blows to the body with a “kickbox”, in addition to having documented these tragic crimes in video clips.

The mass murderer is a sadist who likes to torture girls

An informed source toldthe week“The accused is a sadist, and the victims had traces of beatings and torture on their bodies and deformations in various areas of the body. Then, after she died, he put the victim in the trunk of his car and threw her into a car. place in the desert away from surveillance cameras.

Crime scene footage of mass murderer...satanic tricks to lure 'girls of the night' and torture them to death
Assembly Thug

Security services found the bodies of some victims in various desert areas of Port Said and Ismailia governorates. A dedicated search team was formed and the security services of the Ministry of the Interior arrested the thug of the gathering accused of having killed the young girls and abandoning them. bodies in desert areas.

Arrest the rally thug

Crime scene footage of mass murderer...satanic tricks to lure 'girls of the night' and torture them to death
Assembly Thug

Security forces escorted the accused “the butcher of the assembly” to the place where the incidents were committed, and while the accused “the butcher of the assembly” was committing his crimes, he managed to escape in a car to Cairo, and the relevant authorities followed him until they managed to arrest him and deport him to the place where he is currently the subject of an investigation, and the public prosecutor decided that he be detained pending investigation.

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Isolating the noise of your apartment to find yourself alone with your victims… the whole story of the “assembly killer”

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