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Details of the call between President Sissi and his US counterpart Joe Biden regarding Gaza and Rafah

Details of the call between President Sissi and his US counterpart Joe Biden regarding Gaza and Rafah

President Sissi receives a call from his American counterpart

The Zionist entity has continued to send calls and drop leaflets on Palestinian civilians in the Palestinian town of Rafah, with the aim of terrorizing them and forcing them to leave their homes, and continuing its military operations during which she commits numerous crimes against humanity.

Recently, some European countries, namely Norway, Ireland and Spain, announced their recognition of the Palestinian state and their support for its cause, due to the difficult circumstances that the country and unarmed civilians have been going through since the start of the war against October 7, 2023.

Sissi and Biden’s call regarding Gaza and Rafah

President Abdel Fattah El-Sissi received a telephone call yesterday, Friday May 24, 2024, from his American counterpart Joe Biden, as the two men discussed the evolving situation in the Gaza Strip.

The two presidents discussed the difficult humanitarian situation of Palestinians in Gaza, the lack of livelihoods in the Strip and the lack of fuel needed for hospitals and bakeries. They also agreed to pay for quantities of aid and fuel to be delivered to residents. The United Nations at the Kerem Shalom crossing, temporarily, until a legal mechanism is found to return them. Operation of the Rafah terminal on the Palestinian side.

President Sissi’s call to Biden also emphasized the need to combine various efforts to implement the two-state solution in accordance with international legitimacy resolutions, in addition to their continued rejection of all attempts to move the Palestinians of their lands and their support for all means aimed at preventing the worsening and expansion of the conflict.

Biden thanks Egypt for its efforts on the Palestinian issue

The US President expressed deep appreciation for the intense, persistent and ongoing Egyptian efforts and mediation to achieve a ceasefire and truce agreement in the Gaza Strip, and agreed on the need to intensify international efforts to make the negotiation process a success and achieve a decisive breakthrough that will put an end to the protracted humanitarian tragedy experienced by the Palestinian people.

It was not only Joe Biden who thanked Egypt for its role and the efforts it is deploying on the Palestinian issue. Many European countries have instead expressed their gratitude to the Egyptian state, and these are:

Ireland thanks Egypt for its efforts and mediation role on the Palestinian issue

Mehul Martin, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Minister for Defense of Ireland, thanked the Egyptian state for the assistance it provided to its citizens to facilitate their exit from the Gaza Strip, during his press conference meeting with Sameh. Choukry, Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Britain thanks Egyptian state for supporting people in Gaza

Rishi Sunak, British Prime Minister, also stressed on Friday November 24, 2023 that the humanitarian truce is crucial to putting an end to the fate of the hostages and delivering aid to Gaza. He also expressed his thanks to Egypt for the intense diplomacy it is exercising. in this difficult stage that the occupied territories are going through.

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What are the current implications of Biden’s call with President Sissi?

Intensify efforts to make the negotiation process a success. Details of the call between President Sissi and his American counterpart

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