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Distribution of 56,000 kilograms of sacrificial meat and 40 local calves to the neediest families in Qena

Distribution of 56,000 kilograms of sacrificial meat and 40 local calves to the neediest families in Qena

The Orman Association announced the completion of its seasonal activities of distributing sacrificial meat to needy families in villages and hamlets in the governorate, in cooperation with civil society organizations. The campaign distributed 56,000 kilograms of sacrificial meat, in addition to 40 local calves, as part of this year’s ‘Act of Sacrifice’ project.

This initiative is part of close cooperation between the governorate of Qena and the Orman Association, and is based on the concern and interest of Major General Ashraf Al-Daoudi, Governor of Qena, to provide support and care for the most vulnerable and needy families in the governorate, with the aim of alleviating their suffering in accordance with the directives of political leaders.

Undersecretary of the Ministry of Social Solidarity in Qena, Hassan Othman, confirmed that the “Sacrifice Deed” project aims to provide sacrificial meat to all families in need in Qena Governorate, including the most remote villages. poor and remote areas.

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For his part, Major General Mamdouh Shaaban, general director of the Orman Association, explained that the objective of the association is to bring joy to the sacrificer by ensuring that the meat of his sacrifice reaches those who deserve it, in addition to making the most needy families happy by delivering the meat to their homes.

The municipal calf slaughter process will begin immediately after the Eid al-Adha prayer at the slaughterhouses approved by the Ministry of Agriculture in Qena, and will be distributed to eligible families during the Eid days in the villages the most needy.

As for the imported meat, it will also be slaughtered during the days of Eid, while it will be distributed to the deserving and most caring families in Qena Governorate two months after its arrival in Egypt, in accordance with the instructions of the Ministry of Agriculture. ‘Agriculture.

The Orman Association highlighted its concern for the quality of the meat distributed, whether municipal or imported, as all are subject to veterinary control to guarantee their safety and suitability for human consumption.

It should be noted that the sacrificial meat distribution process will take place through the Orman Association Projects Office in Qena Governorate, in cooperation with a large number of small civil society organizations and the Directorate of social solidarity of the governorate.

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