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“Don’t wait for the registration period.” A legal proposal to prevent Roshen League clubs from losing contracts! 2024 - drweud
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“Don’t wait for the registration period.” A legal proposal to prevent Roshen League clubs from losing contracts!

Shoot – Legal expert Ahmed Al-Sheikhi proposed to successfully conduct a transfer market for clubs in the Saudi Roshan League.

During the next summer transfer period.

Al-Sheikhi’s proposal for the success of the transfer season in the Roshen League

Al-Sheikhi published a long message on the (X) platform, which read as follows:

“Call to whomever it may concern:

It does not make sense to force our clubs to wait until the registration period begins to obtain permission to begin negotiation procedures.

-If we start (negotiating) at the end of July, when will we sign?!

– I understand that our goal is to control procedures and avoid legal errors, but I fear that we are now causing financial waste without realizing it!

It is not ideal for us to repeat the mistake of the current season, and for our club coaches to enter the preparatory camps in July (with missing teams).

This is indirect financial waste.

– Good options will not last long in this open market in the East and West, and I fear that we will start the league with teams that are still in negotiations.

On both the right and the left, we had an example of this last summer, and it is also an indirect financial waste.

Contract monitoring is possible through other means that do not affect club preparation and league quality, including but not limited to:

1) Appoint a dedicated team who will immediately begin receiving requests from clubs, sorting them and responding to them within (hours) not days or weeks.

As was the case before; Which led to missed opportunities, agent offers and the entry of foreign clubs into negotiations.

2) If the club selects a specific player today, he will be allowed to sign and the player will then be transferred to the PACE program.

And deducting its value from the planned support, why are we waiting until July?

3) What is simpler is to determine the record of each club from now on (even if it is currently very late and I believe its supposed time was the start of the current season and not the end) ,

In allowing clubs to use their funds when they find useful options, it should not be forgotten that the prizes of distinguished players,

In July and August (it will increase), and today we can legally submit (temporary) offers, so what’s the problem?

Good luck to all of us in achieving our common goal and success after success for our Saudi sport.

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“Don’t wait for the registration period.”  A legal proposal to prevent Roshen League clubs from losing contracts!

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