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Earthquakes hit Japan, says Saudi newspaper Al-Watan

The first earthquakes again hit the Ishikawa region in north-central Japan, which is still recovering from the damage caused by the powerful earthquake on January 1, but the latest tremors did not cause major damage.

The Japan Meteorological Agency said a 5.9 magnitude earthquake struck the northern part of the Noto Peninsula, followed minutes later by a 4.8 magnitude quake, and then several smaller quakes over the next two hours. There was no tsunami.

Satoshi Harada, head of seismology and tsunami at JMA, said the quakes were believed to be aftershocks of the 7.6 magnitude quake on January 1. Seismic activity has eased slightly since then, but Harada urged people to be careful, especially near buildings that were damaged earlier.

Shinkansen bullet trains and other rail services were temporarily suspended for safety checks, but most have resumed, according to the West Japan Railway Company.

Stimulate fear

The tremors have sparked new fear among residents who are still struggling to recover from the damage caused by the New Year’s quake. NHK public television showed a number of people leaving their homes and temporary shelters to see if there was further damage.

“Many people who lived in the evacuation centers must have been afraid,” said Government Secretary-General Yoshimasa Hayashi, urging caution over the possibility of rockfalls and landslides in heavily populated areas. shaken.

The Nuclear Regulatory Authority said no anomalies were found at two neighboring nuclear power plants. One of them, Shika Station on the Noto Peninsula, suffered minor damage.


Reconstruction is progressing slowly in the mountainous areas of the peninsula and many damaged houses remain intact.

The Jan. 1 quake killed 260 people, including those who later died from stress, illness or other quake-related causes, and three others remain missing, according to the Federal Disaster Management Administration. The damage remains and more than 3,300 residents have still been evacuated. Five houses damaged in the Jan. 1 earthquake in the city of Wajima collapsed, but no major damage or life-threatening injuries were reported, according to Ishikawa Prefecture.

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