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Egypt denies CNN allegations, threatens to withdraw from mediation efforts altogether

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The head of the State Information Service, Diaa Rashwan, said that the article published by the American site is in fact pure allegations, devoid of any information or facts, and is not based on any reliable journalistic source in accordance with the internationally recognized professional journalistic rules. .

Diaa Rashwan challenged CNN to attribute the allegations it published to specific official US or Israeli sources, and asked it and all international media outlets to be precise in what they publish on such sensitive issues and not to base the publication of certain allegations on anonymous sources. which he calls “informed sources”.

Rashwan announced that Egypt categorically rejects these allegations, noting that the State Information Service sent an official letter to CNN explaining this rejection and the grounds on which it was based, and demanded that the Egyptian response be published immediately.

Diaa Rashwan added that the site responded and published parts of that response, which included some of the observations contained in this document and this statement.

The head of the State Information Service explained that such a false article, full of false allegations, does not lead, and perhaps aims to distort the main and important role of Egypt in the attempts to ceasefire and negotiations in the Gaza Strip since the start of the conflict. the bloody Israeli aggression against her about eight months ago.

He expressed Egypt’s astonishment at attempts by some parties to insult the enormous efforts it has made and continues to make over the past months to try to achieve a ceasefire in the Strip. of Gaza to prevent the daily killing and injury of hundreds of innocent civilians and the systematic destruction of all aspects of life in the Gaza Strip.

Rashwan said Egypt had noticed in recent times that some parties were playing a game of constantly blaming the Qatari mediators at some times and then the Egyptian mediators at other times, accusing them of siding with the one of the parties and accusing them of procrastinating and evading. decisive decisions regarding the ceasefire agreement and the release of Israeli detainees in the Gaza Strip in exchange for Palestinian prisoners. This is about preserving the personal political interests of some of these parties and their attempts to deal with the major internal political crises they are going through.

He said that Egypt’s exercise of the role of mediator in the ceasefire agreement and the release of detainees in the Gaza Strip and prisoners in Israel was based on the repeated requests and insistence of Israel and the United States to play this role, a result of their awareness of the extent of Egyptian experience and its professionalism in handling such negotiations, especially since Egypt has already experienced multiple conflicts between Israel and Hamas.

Rashwan said the false publication and lies promoted about the Egyptian role cannot be interpreted as anything other than an attempt to punish Egypt for its firm and principled stances in support of the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people, in light of of its mediation role and Egypt’s declared membership. to the need for the presence of Palestinian elements on the Palestinian side of the Rafah crossing. Accepting that Egypt exploits it on its part and not recognizing the legitimacy of the Israeli occupation on the Palestinian side of the crossing, in addition to the Egyptian position. in accordance with international law and international humanitarian law by joining the State of South Africa in the lawsuit brought before the International Court of Justice against the practices of the Israeli army in the Gaza Strip.

The head of the State Information Service stressed that continued attempts to cast doubt and insult Egyptian efforts and mediation role with allegations that contradict reality would only further complicate the situation in Gaza and throughout the region and could push the Egyptian side to take action. a decision to completely withdraw from mediation in the current conflict.

Rashwan held the relevant parties, especially those who spread lies about the Egyptian position, fully responsible for the unprecedented humanitarian disasters and the war of extermination in the Gaza Strip, the killing and injury of thousands of innocent Palestinians , their displacement and starvation, as well as the destruction of everything in the Gaza Strip, in addition to the loss of lives of Israeli detainees as a result of the aggressive Israeli military operation in the Strip. from Gaza.

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