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Egyptian Award for Government Excellence during visit to South Sinai Governorate

Egyptian Award for Government Excellence during visit to South Sinai Governorate

The Egyptian Government Excellence Award held a jury meeting for the Internal Excellence Award in South Sinai Governorate in its first edition, chaired by Ambassador Hisham Badr, Deputy Minister of Planning and Economic Development for strategic partnerships, excellence and initiatives, and in the presence of Dr. Enas Samir, Deputy Governor of South Sinai, Soha Saeed, Executive Director of the Prize, Dr. Abdel Hakim Radwan, Evaluation and Quality Consultant, Dr. Ahmed Siddiq, Director of evaluation and quality, Dr Mohamed Abdel Salam, director of Awards for educational establishments.

During his speech at the opening session, Ambassador Hisham Badr praised the remarkable development experienced by the South Sinai Governorate in recent years and the implementation of development projects in various sectors and fields, in addition of its great success in hosting many major international forums. notably the “Climate Summit”, highlighting the support of the Ministry of Planning. Continuous monitoring of the governorate’s efforts to implement its various development projects in order to improve the quality of life of citizens and strengthen the leadership and competitiveness of the governorate. Egyptian state. The most important objectives of the Egyptian Prize for Government Excellence are to deepen the culture of excellence and strengthen the spirit of competitiveness.

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Ambassador Hisham Badr also commended the new Sharm El Sheikh Municipal Council building, which stands out for its unique design using the latest technological and digital technologies to be considered an integrated interactive building contributing to improving government services provided to the citizens, investors and businesses. the owners.

Dr. Enas Samir, Deputy Governor of South Sinai, praised the continuous support provided by the award management team to the governorate’s internal excellence team during the implementation of the internal stages of the award, which contributed to the development and improvement of levels of institutional and individual excellence. performance, highlighting the governorate’s concern to participate effectively in the next awards sessions in its different categories.

Soha Saeed, executive director of the Award, said the expansion seen by the Award administration to implement the internal excellence award system in government institutions included, in its second edition, local units in a certain number of portfolios, with the aim of deepening the culture of institutional excellence in all government agencies, creating a qualitative change in institutional performance and working to qualify the agencies. Participate in the national award “Egyptian Prize for Government Excellence” in its fourth session in 2024, highlighting the importance of the governorate. launch a unit of excellence that contributes to the sustainability of excellence within the governorate and work to invest in distinguished cadres of residents who have contributed to the success of the internal excellence system of the governorate.

During the arbitration work, Dr. Abdel Hakim Radwan, evaluation and quality consultant, reviewed the mechanisms adopted to launch the internal award in the governorate, starting with the training phase of ambassadors and residents of excellence, which lasted 840 hours of work, and the submission of applications. The evaluation stages were then followed by the provision of an electronic management system. The evaluation process lasted 15 days, with a total of 2,350 working hours, and then the final results were presented, highlighting the most important modernization and development works. , which included the guide to local categories to be consistent with the nature of local work, in addition to developing performance indicators, opinion measures and description sheets for each indicator in accordance with the requirements of each standard. It should be noted that 9 applications were submitted for the “Center and City” category to qualify for the first five stages of field visits in preparation for the national competition for the Egyptian Government Excellence Award during its current session, 2024.

Ambassador Hisham Badr and Dr. Enas Samir also paid an inspection visit to the most important projects of the municipal council building, including the “Egyptian Service Center”, which is considered the second model center after the Egypt Center. Aswan Governorate, which aims to facilitate the citizen and save time and effort by obtaining many services from Place One, in addition to a visit to the “Technology Center for Citizens” and the “National Emergency Network and public safety”.

On the sidelines of the visit, the Egyptian Award for Government Excellence organized an awareness seminar in the presence of city heads and representatives of local units and technology centers in the governorate. During which, Soha Saeed, Executive Director of the Egyptian Award for Government Excellence, reviewed the award categories at the institutional and individual levels, explaining the stages of implementing the award, starting with the receipt of nominations government agencies, training and awareness, writing applications. applications electronically, the stage of documentary evaluation and field visits, until the judgment, the announcement of the results and the recognition of the distinguished elements, highlighting the axes and standards of the system of governmental excellence, in addition to institutional and individual evaluation criteria. price.

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