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“Egyptian-British Economic Relations”… the latest publication from the Book Authority

“Egyptian-British Economic Relations”... the latest publication from the Book Authority

Egyptian General Book Authority

The Egyptian General Book Authority, headed by Dr. Ahmed Bahi El-Din, published, as part of the Egyptian History Series publications, the book “Egyptian-British Economic Relations “1945-1956” by Dr. Ahmed El-Sherbiny.

The authority said in a statement on Wednesday that the book reveals Egyptian-British economic relations during the period from 1945 to 1956, which we consider one of the most accurate periods of relations between the two countries. politically and politically. economic, as this period witnessed a widespread movement at the political level, both internally and externally, to reconsider the 1936 treaty, allowing the withdrawal of British forces from Egypt and achieving the unity of the Nile Valley.

The book includes five chapters, a conclusion, a group of appendices and a list of sources and references. The introduction discusses the economic measures taken by Britain during the war to exploit Egypt’s potential in the service of the Allied war effort and their impact on Egypt. As for its five chapters, it deals with political and economic developments in Egypt which affected relations with Egypt and Britain in the aftermath of the war, Britain’s economic policy towards the Egypt after the war and attempts to obtain Egypt. freed from dependence, and its continuation after Great Britain suspended the resolution of the question of sterling balances, then British investments in Egypt following the war and the structure of Egyptian-British trade until 1956 A.D.

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What increases the importance of studying economic relations between Egypt and Britain in the aftermath of World War II is that this period witnessed global transformations at the political and economic levels, after the circumstances of the war contributed to the absence of other systems. and ideologies and the emergence of other systems, the outbreak of the Cold War between the Eastern and Western camps and the leadership of the West led by the United States. The United States and England sought to liberalize world trade and create international organizations and bodies. to facilitate this.

The author of the book explained the reason why he chose the year 1945 AD as the beginning of this book, because this year represents a political and economic turning point in the history of Egyptian-British relations which saw the end of war, and most of the economic measures taken by Britain during this period, including the abolition of the Middle East Supply Centre, the lifting of restrictions on Egyptian trade and the conclusion of a agreement on hard currencies.

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“Egyptian-British Economic Relations”... the latest publication from the Book Authority

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