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Eid al-Adha 2024 Movies… Details of Mohamed Lotfy’s Character in “The Max Gang” (Photo)

Eid al-Adha 2024 Movies... Details of Mohamed Lotfy's Character in “The Max Gang” (Photo)

The company that produced the film “Max Gang” revealed details of the character of artist Mohamed Lotfy as part of the events of the film “Max Gang” starring star Ahmed Fahmy, in preparation for its release as part Eid movies. al-Adha season 2024.

The producer shared the teaser poster of Mohamed Lotfy as part of the Max Gang movie events via her Instagram account, commenting on it saying, “Wait for Al-Helmani in Max Gang movie, Eid al-Adha 2024.”

Max Gang Movie Details

The events of the film Max Gang revolve around a Mexican accustomed to carrying out theft and smuggling operations alone without assistance. He gets involved in a major operation that requires the help of a group to help him carry it out, but he finds out. that those he has chosen involve him in problems that threaten the success of the operation.

Heroes of the film “Mex Gang”.

With Ruby and Ahmed Fahmy starring, and a large number of artists participating alongside them in the action championship, including: Lebleba, Hatem Salah, Aws Aws, Ahmed Fahim and artist Ahmed Al-Sakka appears as guest of honor within the events of the film, and the work is written by Amjad Al-Sharqawi and Rami Ali and directed by Hossam.

The film Mix Gang is the third meeting that brings together Al-Sakka and Fahmy, as guests of honor, since their first meeting took place in 2010 through the film “Samir, Shahir and Bahir also appeared in the first episode as guests”. of honor in the series “One Last Tour”, broadcast in January. The past is on a platform 10 years after the film.

Artist Ahmed Fahmy said: “I am happy that Al-Sakka will appear with us as a guest of honor in the events of the film (Mex Gang), and I am happy that our cooperation will return, because he is like a dear friend. and brother, and he is also the only star who does not refuse to appear in any of the works of his colleagues, regardless of his name. And the hero’s fame is free, and that’s what I learned from him.

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Mohamed Lotfy reveals his character in the film “The Max Gang” (photos)

With Ahmed Fahmy.. Details of Ahmed El Sakka’s participation in the film “The Mix Gang”

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