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Euro 2024.. Philipp Lahm: I will not repeat what happened at the 2006 World Cup

Euro 2024.. Philipp Lahm: I will not repeat what happened at the 2006 World Cup

Philipp Lahm, president of the organizing committee for the European Nations Cup (Euro 2024), spoke about his country’s final preparations for the continental tournament, a few hours before the start of the competition in Germany, scheduled for next Friday.

Lahm told the German Press Agency: “Franz Beckenbauer was famous because he watched almost every match at the World Cup, and sometimes he only watched half of it and then went by helicopter at the next stage. But times are changing and everyone must adapt. so that.”

He added: For example, I will not take a helicopter to almost every match, as Beckenbauer did during his presidency of the organizing committee of the World Cup that the country hosted in 2006.

Sustainability played a major role “from the start” in the upcoming European nations, which is why 2014 World Cup winner Lahm said he would use other means of transportation, even if it meant that he wouldn’t be able to attend a big show. number of matches like Beckenbauer, who was… Captain of the German national team that won the 1974 World Cup.

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Beckenbauer died last January at the age of 78.

“There is a sustainability strategy and it would be appropriate for the tournament director to travel from place to place by helicopter,” Lam added.

He explained: “I’m going to do these train trips and watch as many matches as possible”, to achieve the modest goal of reaching all ten stadiums in the group stage.

Beckenbauer played a key role in Germany securing the honor of organizing the World Cup under his presidency of the host bid, while Lahm was an important ambassador to European nations, as he was named competition director in 2020, two years after Germany. won the right to host the tournament.

Lahm finished his football career at Bayern Munich in 2017 and, given his vision and intuition, it is no surprise that he has become an important ambassador for Germany’s bid to host the Championship. Europe the following year, before becoming tournament director.

Lahm heads Euro 2024 GmbH, a joint venture between the German and European football associations, where he represents the organization of the tournament.

This position led him to hold meetings with senior politicians in Germany, led by German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, as well as to open the International Police Cooperation Center for the tournament yesterday, Monday.

Lahm’s mission seems more complicated than Beckenbauer’s 18 years ago, as he must create enthusiasm for the tournament in difficult times Germany is going through and in a different international climate with the wars in Ukraine and Germany. Gaza.

Despite this, Lahm seems optimistic about presenting a great tournament that will bring a lot of excitement and fun to fans.

“I think it goes without saying that we are seeing big matches. The best teams in Europe have come together. It is important that we celebrate together and get to know each other better,” revealed Lahm.

What Lahm said applies to the tournament’s slogan, titled “United by football. United in the heart of Europe.”

Lahm expressed his aspiration for “the moment when the ball rolls”, as he realizes that the atmosphere will also depend a lot on the host team, after scoring Germany’s first goal at the 2006 World Cup , thus leading them to reach the semi-finals of the tournament at that time.

Lahm spoke about the World Cup Germany hosted 18 years ago and said: “The German national team presented itself as a young and excited team.”

Lahm concluded his statements by saying: “The same thing must now happen again from the team. It is their responsibility to bring enthusiasm to the field”, emphasizing that “we will all witness a great party this summer” if that happens.

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