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European elections affect the French president

With a right-wing wave expected to sweep across Europe in this weekend’s European elections, the results could have major political consequences in France.

The French will go to the polls at the end of the week with internal questions taking center stage in the decision-making process to elect a new European Parliament. The result is likely to transform French politics in the years to come.

Half of participants in a recent Ipsos poll said their vote in the European elections would “above all” be an indication of their opinion of the current executive, with 38% wanting to express their opposition to French President Emmanuel Macron and his government. About 12% expressed support.

Impact of elections

“These elections are strongly influenced by the national context,” said Erwan Lestrohan, research director at the Odoxa polling institute. “In the middle of his second term, these elections resemble Emmanuel Macron’s mid-term elections.”

Days before French voters went to the polls, a poll by the Politico newspaper showed that the far-right National Rally party was heading for a historic victory and hoping to secure more than 30% of the vote, see more. more than double the expected result of the second election. Second place on the pro-Macron list led by Valérie Heyer.

Challenge the referee

Macron, an incumbent president who lacks an absolute majority in parliament, faces an uphill battle to govern effectively since his re-election in 2022. The French president has pushed to reform the unpopular pension system, bypassing a vote in Parliament, a decision that sparked widespread riots across the country. He was then forced to capitulate to radical conservatives on an immigration bill late last year.

The European elections could make the situation worse.

Confront Russia

On the other hand, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov declared, during a tour of Africa, that any French military trainer in Ukraine would be a “legitimate target” for the Russian armed forces.

“As for French trainers, I think they are already present on Ukrainian territory,” Lavrov said, referring to military trainers France could send to train Ukrainian forces. “Whatever their status, soldiers or mercenaries represent a legitimate target for our armed forces,” he added.

Ukraine’s supreme commander said last week that he had signed documents authorizing French military trainers to soon join Ukrainian training centers. But French President Emmanuel Macron said last week he would not comment on “rumors or decisions that might be taken.” He said he would detail France’s support during the 80th anniversary of D-Day celebrations later this week.

Macron’s office said it would not comment on Lavrov’s statements.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said: “The coaches who train the forces of the Kiev regime do not enjoy any kind of immunity, and it does not matter whether they are French or not. »

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