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Ex-Rockstar Developer Explains Why GTA 6 PC Launch Was Postponed 2024 - drweud

Ex-Rockstar Developer Explains Why GTA 6 PC Launch Was Postponed

The decision to postpone the launch of GTA 6 on the PC platform, and to announce its release initially on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series

Rockstar and its parent company Take-Two Interactive have yet to comment on the PC version, and while everyone is almost certain that it will be released on the PC platform, the matter remains ambiguous and it remains possible that the game’s release on the platform it will take a long time, which upsets players about the company’s decision.

But a former Rockstar developer recently commented to reassure fans of the game, asking them to give Rockstar what he described as “good faith” regarding the decision to release Grand Theft Auto 6 on the aforementioned platform, and provided a logical explanation for the delay in the announcement. the release date of the game on computer versus home consoles.

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According to For an interview conducted by IGNthe developer spoke previously Mike yourIn a new video clip about GTA 6’s PC launch delay, he highlighted York He worked as an animator for developer Rockstar New England for six years and helped develop commercially and critically successful games such as Red Dead Redemption 2 and GTA 5 before leaving the company in 2017. He noted that the platform -PlayStation platform has always been the PlayStation platform. main objective of Rockstar games, and added:

“The reason we delayed the release of the PC version and did not launch it initially is because the company is focused on making sales.”

While many PC gamers may object to this prospect, there is an explanation York This suggests that Rockstar does not expect sales of the PC version to reach numbers close to the sales of the PlayStation or Xbox versions combined.

Ex-Rockstar Developer Explains Why GTA 6 PC Launch Was Postponed

He commented York On the GTA 5 game, it is stated that Rockstar gave priority to the PS3 and worked at the same time on the Xbox 360 version. After a short period, the company focused on the PC version. Grand Theft Auto 5’s release on PS4 was also delayed by around six months from its PC release.

Then it goes deeper York In this regard, he explained that building the PC version of a complex game like GTA 6, in addition to the amount of testing necessary to guarantee quality, represents a great challenge, and he is of course talking here about its compatibility with numerous computer equipment available. in the market, and he continued speaking:

“It’s very important that everyone remembers that one of the main reasons it takes so long to release a PC version is the difference between the internal architecture and the different components.”

PC players can respond with counterarguments to the statements YorkFor example, the enormous capabilities that Rockstar has compared to other developers who regularly release games on PC.

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But for all the platform’s enormous potential to unleash the power of gaming, the fact remains that PC gamers won’t be able to enjoy the GTA 6 game at launch unless they own a home device such as the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series.

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