Exciting information has emerged about Resident Evil 1 Remake, fundamental changes…

Rumors and leaks are still multiplying about Resident Evil 1 Remake, which is already in development at Capcom Studios. New leaks have revealed a lot of interesting information about the game that hasn’t been revealed yet.

New information on Resident Evil 1 Remake

  • Project title: BIOLOGICAL RISK: RE1

Game mechanics:

  • Slower pace compared to RE2 Remake
  • Zombies will each have a unique style due to the small number of enemies
  • It takes more shots to kill zombies in RE1 than in RE2 Remake, and they are described as “Bullet Sponges”.
  • We will witness the return of the Scarlet Heads

History and context:

  • The background of the RE1 universe will be explored in more detail

Camera and perspective:

  • A different third-person camera style, and also at a slower pace
  • No more predefined static backgrounds
  • The game world loads in real time as doors open for enhanced graphics and lighting.

In general, it seems that the goal is to recreate the Resident Evil 1 Remake game to present the events slowly and a deeper exploration of the game world, while improving the graphics, visual backgrounds and enemy designs in the constraints of the smallest number. enemies while increasing the difficulty of confronting them.

This new information comes to us via an account ResiEvilCentral Who has a good reputation among his followers for passing on news and updates about the games in the series.

The first part of the old horror series is our introduction to this exciting fantasy world and what drew us to it in the first place, like our experience in the Spencer mansion and seeing the first zombie eat the one of the victims in the dark. scenes that we couldn’t hide from our imagination, let alone classical music. The terrifying atmosphere when you walk around the palace, the strange and mysterious atmosphere and the thunderstorm outside embody true horror.

It will be an exciting and anticipated affair to relaunch Resident Evil 1 with the Remake version, as was the case with the second and third parts, so that we can learn more about the roots of the series launched more than 25 years ago , and so that the new generation of players can also experience it for the first time with a modern touch while preserving the feeling of horror that lurks in every corner of the game world.

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