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First Lady supports Biden’s son, accused of using drugs and buying a gun.

First Lady Jill Biden took to court for a third day to support her son, as federal prosecutors in Hunter Biden’s gun trial spent hours presenting evidence of Hunter Biden’s drug problem, seeking to reveal through his own words and writing the depth of his addiction to show that he was still…Continuing when he lied to buy a gun. Voters are worried about the losses the president will face as the presidential elections approach.

If Hunter Biden is convicted, he faces up to 25 years in prison, although first-time offenders are nowhere near the maximum, and it’s unclear whether the judge will give him time. The trial comes shortly after Donald Trapp, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, was convicted of 34 crimes in New York. The two criminal cases are unrelated, but their proximity underscores the extent to which the courts have taken center stage in the 2024 campaign.


Hunter Biden’s ex-wife, Kathleen Buhle, is expected to speak. She was married to the president’s son for almost 20 years. They have three children and separated in 2016 after his infidelity and drug use became too much to overcome, according to his memoir.

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Buhle is among several Biden family members and friends expected to testify during the trial that has quickly become a highly personal and detailed tour of Hunter Biden’s wrongdoing and drug use.

Prosecutors say the testimony is necessary to show Hunter Biden’s state of mind when he purchased the gun.

Hunter Biden was charged with three felonies related to purchasing a firearm in October 2018. He was accused of lying to a federally licensed gun dealer and making a false statement on the application claiming that he was not a drug user and that he possessed the weapon illegally.

“No one is allowed to lie on a federal form like this, not even Hunter Biden,” U.S. Attorney Derek Hines told jurors. “He crossed the line when he chose to purchase a gun and lied on his federal background check.”

“When the defendant filled out this form, he knew he was a drug addict,” Haynes said, and prosecutors do not have to prove he was using drugs on the day he purchased the firearm .

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