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Gaza is in the shadow of Mr. Raïssi’s departure


Since that date, the strength of this support does not seem to fluctuate negatively, even with regime changes in Iran, notably after the departure of Imam Ruhollah Khomeini, may God have mercy on him, and with the arrival of his successor, Imam Ali Khamenei, the principles of the revolution continued to take Palestine as the central issue, and despite the succession of presidents to lead the country, whether they belong to the conservative or reform movement, Palestine remains present in the details of the process. political and electoral in Iran, because one of the criteria for choosing personalities running for president is the extent to which this personality is a supporter of Palestine and adopts the principles of the revolution related to this issue.

The late President Ibrahim Raïssi was one of the presidents most present in Palestine and most open to it and its leaders. The Al-Aqsa flood war was a historical and practical test for the positions of Iran and the resistance axis in general, and Mr. Ibrahim Raisi in particular, who did not hesitate a single moment to express frank and clear positions in favor of the right of the Palestinian people to resist the *Israeli* enemy. His late foreign minister, Hussein Amir Abdollahian, was sent several times. the region to meet with the leaders of the axis of resistance and the leaders of the resistance in Palestine since October 7, and he has traveled the world to defend the cause and the rights of the Palestinian people.

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One of the most notable and important positions that distinguished the late president from his predecessors among Iranian presidents was his choice to be a guest and speaker via video at a public celebration held in the Gaza Strip in on the occasion of International Jerusalem Day, where the Palestinian Committee for International Jerusalem Day organized a public celebration on this occasion in the presence of thousands of participants. On April 14, 2023, at the Palestine International Arena, Israeli media called that day an unprecedented speech. The president, wearing the Palestinian keffiyeh, affirmed his firm principles towards the Palestinian cause and Iran’s unlimited support for the resistance of the Palestinian people, amid a welcome and cheers from a welcoming audience and proud of what he said.
This appearance by the Iranian president was not ordinary, as it was the first political speech by a president in the world broadcast in the Gaza Strip and addressed to the people of Gaza in particular and to the Palestinian people in general in the band, which has been subjected to an unprecedented siege since 2007 AD, in political defiance of this unjust siege.

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The presence of the late president in the details of the Palestinian issue in the eight-month war against Gaza was an indication of the man’s steadfastness despite the state of incitement, intimidation and attack from the American, Israeli media and Western forces against Iran shortly after the Al-Qaeda attack. – Operation Aqsa Floods and the attempt to hold Iran responsible for what happened because it is one of the main supporters of the resistance.

This incitement, which would have had a significant political and economic price in addition to the sanctions that Iran faces because of its support for Palestine, did not prompt the administration of President Raisi to disavow its support for the resistance, to accept it and maintain this declared support despite his declaration that this is not part of the planning of this operation and that it is entirely Palestinian creativity.

This support was not limited to this point, because the axis of resistance, sponsored and supported by Iran, was fully involved in this confrontation and is paying the price, and Israel is paying the price, Lebanon to Yemen via Iraq. Thus, Iran, under the leadership of its guide, Imam Ali Khamenei, and after him of the late Ibrahim Raïssi and his administration, passed the most important test… which confronted unity, cohesion and the force of the resistance axis.

One of the most notable events of this presidential period was the Iranian missile attack on Israel in response to the bombing of its embassy in Damascus. I was destined to see from the sky of Gaza Iranian missiles falling on our occupied lands and on the population of this country. Gaza shouted takbeers with joy and pride at this attack.

Mr. Raisi’s departure is undoubtedly a great loss for Iran first and for Palestine second, but Palestinians still hope that Iran will produce a president like Raisi who loves, supports and belongs to Palestine.

* Journalist Hussein Al-Batsh

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