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Ghost of Tsushima becomes Sony's second biggest launch on PC 2024 - drweud

Ghost of Tsushima becomes Sony’s second biggest launch on PC

Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut is among the controversial PlayStation releases on PC due to something related to connecting PSN computers to the Steam platform, which prevents the game from reaching 180 countries, but this has not affected the obvious success of the game.

Game The Ghost of Tsushima It managed to break the barrier of 75,000,000 active players on the Steam platform, and with this impressive number, the game stands as the second biggest launch on PC from PlayStation after Helldivers 2, and thus surpasses huge titles like God of War, Spider-Man in its first part and Miles Morales with Days Gone and other huge exclusives.

With availability The Ghost of Tsushima Now on PC for the first time and despite its impressive debut, it initially received reactions similar to those it faced. Helldiverse 2 Due to PSN requirements and the fact that it is only available in countries where PSN is accessible, the game received a bomb of negative reviews for the reasons mentioned.

لكن ارتفعت تقييمات اللعبة بشكل تدريجي ed. جربة اللعبة المبهرة وقصتosure ونلاين في اللعبة بحساب PlayStation.

The Director’s Cut of Ghost of Tsushima is now available on PC and PlayStation.

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